El Morya      March 22, 2011

Beloved El Morya
David C. Lewis
March 21, 2011   7:31-8:02 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Mt. Shasta, California

El Morya Announces the Ascension of William Adams
Take the Message of the Ascended Masters. Make it Real Within You. Learn, Grow and Ascend.

Precious Ones,
            I come this morning to announce to you the ascension of one who has walked in your midst, namely William Adams. This son of God, a stalwart heart with an agile mind, was determined before he incarnated upon this Earth to manifest through his awareness a transcendent aspect of the mind of God, bringing to bear within the world and within his chosen community of light aspects of that mind that would allow the technology of the day to be utilized for the recording of the words of the messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
            Having fulfilled his mission through many years of service and having developed his heart to the extent that there was a balanced threefold flame of love, wisdom and power burning within his heart chakra, this son of God having balanced over 51% of his karma and fulfilled his divine plan, though sorrowfully leaving his beloved and his family, upon his transition was escorted immediately to the halls of Luxor. And having fulfilled all of the requirements for his ascension has this very morning transcended this earth and ascended back to the heart of his own God Presence I AM.
            The snow that has fallen this morning within this area of Montana is a testimony to that brilliant white light that has been born again upon Earth through the reunion of one intrepid one. And so the elements and elementals themselves cry out in honor of the victory of a soul of light this day. So it may be for you, dear ones, that upon your ascension the directed currents from your own God Presence of Solar beingness may be manifest in a number and myriad of ways to bless life upon the footstool kingdom in which you have abided and in which you have been crowned with your victory as a tangible realization of the passing of your tests and initiations and your graduation from Earth’s schoolroom.
            I am El Morya. And I come this day to honor this one and another who is yet preparing for her ascension, also having qualified in all ways for her victorious reunion with God. Yes, your own Dorothy Lee is even now preparing with Lanello and Mother, your Clare de Lis, for a great cosmic reception that will occur in the heavenworld for this earthly saint who brought forth so much music from heavenly spheres manifest through her heart, through her listening ear and through her deft hands which were able to capture upon the eighty-eight keys, representing the Buddhic path, those celestial strains, even of the soundless sound of archangelic and higher realms that have allowed the ministration of many ascended and celestial beings to be woven within Earth’s atmosphere as devotees have sung the sacred words of her offerings and thereby entered into a great communion of the spirit with the heart of God.
            Dearest ones, no man knoweth the time of his departure from the Earth. And so it is incumbent upon each and every one of you to prepare your consciousness always to receive the Presence of the Lord, to be available for the Spirit to move through you in any way that it so listeth and desireth. For you see, dearest ones, there is a cosmic timetable for the life of every soul, and only the Lord himself knoweth the seasons and the cycles of life and of transition from this plane. One is taken and another is left. And those who are left upon Earth, often though grieving the disappearance of the light, the energy and the physical presence of friends of light here would do well to understand that grief should be temporary. For the great soul that has transitioned unto higher octaves is truly free and desires not that those left upon Earth enter into too much drama of bemoaning their separation. For truly, the victory and the joy of the ascent is one to celebrate and enter into with a great spirit of God-delight.
            Therefore, dearest ones, when your time comes you must determine through very conscious choices how you will leave this plane, preparing your heart in all ways to merge with the very beingness of God. And as you enter into this level of communion and meditation with your own God Presence daily, this process will be easier for you to engage in. And your full assimilation into the very bosom of the Divine One will be easier because you have engaged God day by day and even hour by hour in this holy work of acclimatization with the great light of God that always prevails.
            Many of you are ascending daily in some sense, raising your awareness, your sight, your vision, your mind, your heart to behold the great I AM and to receive the currents from the Source with great cosmic expectation and blessedness. When you enter into this sacred activity it is as if being subsumed into the very heart of God you are gently awakened more and more until that point when your full and final self-realization occurs, the complete Buddhic awakening of your Higher mind is manifest and all the elements from your Causal Body—the great virtues of light that you have accumulated through many rounds of God consciousness of living on this sphere—come to bear full fruit as a witness and a testimony of your own Godhood, of your own divinity within the One. Therefore, the ascension process is truly a daily affair. And as you put your trust and faith, your full belief and the full fire of your heart into action through work and service, through devotion and praise, this entire assimilation process becomes beautiful and indicative of your own animated soul evolution, dearest hearts.
            What one has done, all can do. And lest some think that one or another in some way are not worthy to receive the full investiture of their Selfhood in God, let me clear the record and say that all sons and daughters of God are worthy to be reunited with the great I AM when they have seen God within and become their full Godhood through loving adoration, through striving, through the sacred anointing process of the light itself within them. And therefore, you should seek out your victory. You should expect your ascension. And you should work daily toward this ultimate experience of merging with the Solar light of who you are as a God-being, beloved ones.
            Yes, truly, dear ones, it is a great day in heaven and upon Earth when one conscious son of God so becomes the fullness of the light! Therefore, celebrate, dance, praise God and sing of the victory of Will. Yes, for this is the name that he would have you use in calling to him. For it took a great strength of will and courage for him to overcome every obstacle in his path. And truly the learning tree—of which he was witness and an instrument through all manner of technologies and computer sciences that were his forte—may bear fruit within those who call to him to teach them both the science of the day and the spiritual science backing that light and the flow of the electrons through the technology utilized, that can, if you will, be used toward the glory of God in all of your affairs and works.
            When you consecrate any teaching that you have received toward the holy purpose of using that wisdom and knowledge to give birth to a new aspect of Spirit in your life, then dearest ones, you have learned the lesson of life itself. And the Lord blesses your endeavor and sanctifies all that you do because you have added your Presence to the equation of your own testimony. Yes, no man knoweth the striving or the heart of another truly, yet the light is written upon the face and the auric field. And the angels bear witness. And the ascended masters take note of the higher vibrations of mindfulness and heartcenteredness that flow through those who have reached the mark through great effort of will, entering into the purposes of God in all that they do.
            Blessed ones, as the messenger has explained to you, one particular lifetime is only a slice of the whole of your Solar beingness within your sacred journey. The totality of your soul experience reaches far beyond the third dimension in time and space, as you experience it. For you have many higher bodies in which your God Presence sends forth shafts of light, rays and pinions of sacred fire into a number of dimensions and planes of being. When you can experience God in all of these levels of presences and beingness, then you will know the certitude of the victorious consciousness of cosmic awareness that Lanello and all cosmic beings have evolved into through their expanded consciousness of virtue and holiness.
            Yes, dearest ones, within my words is a teaching this day [that] you may study again to ascertain certain mystical aspects of the path you may engage in to bring greater conscious awareness into play such that your days upon Earth which are numbered will be effulgent and awesome because you have engaged many celestial spirits in an activity of truth, in a play of divine light in many phases and realms. Yes, you are so much more than you know. And if you would allow God to use you as a sacred vessel, an instrument of light, then your life, having glorified God in all ways, will truly be worth the highest value of your Selfhood unto all.
            So, Will stands within Earth’s atmosphere now with a radiating blue and yellow fiery auric field, blessing those within the former community of light in which he served, many within the audio-visual department who were friends and co-workers. And each one who would understand my message and receive its truth within their hearts that this son of God is truly real and has realized his victory in heaven will receive from Will an impartation of his Causal Body of the blessedness of his higher awareness. And it will truly assist [them] on the pathway of light that they have chosen in this life.
            Meditate upon your own Causal Body each morning upon arising. Pluck a fruit of your own beingness from your own Tree of Life, offered to the world, even as you offer it again unto God in some way to serve to set life free. You have the availability of many fruits of the spirit at hand. Use them, energize them, reactivate them and charge the Earth with your light-essence of love, wisdom and power for the flow to manifest through you and for your victory to manifest daily. 
            Will now extends his hands of light to bless all who would receive the currents of his fiery love. His smile is great, his heart pulsations stream forth with great intent in this hour. Having heard the words and the messages of the messenger Clare de Lis for many years, he now knows all of that which was true and which has now been realized within his being and graciously sends a wave of fire to all such that they too may realize the value of what has been released. His simple message to all is: "Take the message; make it real within you. Learn, grow and ascend."
            I am El Morya. And I embrace each of you who would embrace Will, and through your own will would embrace your God Presence this day in the light. I thank you.

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