El Morya      October 30, 2010

Beloved El Morya
David C. Lewis
October 30, 2010   10:31-10:55 am EST
The Spirit of Soulfulness in the New Age
New York, New York

I Reclaim New York for Liberty!
Begin a 33-Day Vigil for the Economy of America on November 1st

            From Darjeeling I descend into this city and place my Electronic Presence both here and with the Lady Liberty, as I reclaim New York for Liberty! When you raise your torch on high through the light that you invoke, blessed ones, then you participate with this Goddess in the great work of the ages to instill the great flame of illumination through the law of life into the arena of action in the world of form. Part and parcel to this dynamic is the giving forth of progressive revelation from your heart as you inspire upon others that which will move them into action into a progressive life of living within that flame, within that light that will lead them to their eternal perfectionment, liberation and victory.
            Much has transpired of late within this city and within Washington, DC that is problematic for the ongoingness of Saint Germain’s plan of freedom for this nation and her people. And so you have seen the crumbling of the order, which has been disorder, within the banking system and now within the housing markets and the manipulation through the mortgage policies and procedures that has resulted in the loss of many homes across this nation, bringing despair as a blight upon the economy and the hope of humanity across the globe.
            Why has this occurred? And what can we together do about it to right the ship of state and to bring about greater possibilities, new energies and a new focus such that every man, woman and child may have what they require to live a life in pursuit of divine principles and values upon which this nation was established? This has been the focal point of our discussion in Darjeeling in recent months and even years, blessed hearts. And many of you have read much and have tried to ascertain what will be the course of this nation and its leadership to bring about this correction, this re-evaluation and a new way that is the way of the light of God.
            First of all, there must be courage in the hearts of the leaders to speak directly into the issues with forthrightness and truth, calling a spade a spade, calling to task those who have manipulated the markets and the system to their own ends for personal gain and profit to the detriment of the lives of tens of thousands and even millions across this nation and the Earth. And where there has been a way that has not been righteous and judicious, a new way must be made plain for all to walk through and upon. And therefore this requires a new level of divine leadership, overshining and sponsoring from our realms within Washington and moving out into all areas of the economy such that a greater action of light and hope may manifest.
            We begin here because much of the problems have resulted from that which Wall Street has embraced through the international bankers and their systems set up to support a way that is not the way of God. And so I deliver fire now into Wall Street, fire into the economic systems here, fire into every avenue of enterprise and business! And there is a readjustment through the karmic cyclings of energy whereby certain institutions that have been at the core of this manipulative way will go down and be dissolved and where a new wave and a new way of light through this economy will emerge.
            There is divine capitalism in heaven which is the investment of light into all arenas of activity whereby God vouchsafes the eternal light of his will, wisdom and love into the seed beingness of all. This investment allows for that light to flow as talent through enterprise, through nature into the affairs of mankind. And so you should emulate the processes that God has set in motion, blessed hearts, in creating the structure and the superstructure of your own economic system, seeking not to engage in those activities whereby some profit and the masses are enslaved through excessive taxation, bowing to their overlords and to a system that is corrupt.
            How can we bring this light of freedom into this arena without causing a great tidal wave of darkness, you may ask? The Golden Rule must be the standard and this standard must reign within every heart. For where industry comes from effort, productivity and personal initiation and initiative, then there is expansion, blessing and boon. But where there is an attempt to manipulate and to coerce the working classes to engage in activities that are not benign, then you see all manner of constriction and unholy alliances that have debased the very light of liberty and freedom within this system.
            Thus, we call forth the light from the Great Central Sun to descend into the affairs of mankind here, for holy virtue to be established through streams of light into new activities and businesses that engage the highest potential of mankind’s virtues and their work and service to life. Much of this economy is built upon the sands of human foolishness, blessed hearts. And therefore, a new structure and foundation must be laid. Why, even your Founding Fathers warned you of what could come to play if the central banks would manipulate the very life essence of this people. And yet this has come to pass by those who continue to enslave humanity through their manipulation. Courage must be the byword of this day and age. Courage to move! Courage to change! Courage to thrust forth the light and to declare a new wave and a new way!
            Dearest ones, I ask you to begin a novena for this economy the day after this class, beginning November 1st, Afra’s Ascension Day, whereby there will be for thirty-three days a focus on the economy of this nation. For I have yet to receive that dispensation that I have been looking forward to, to begin a new venture of light through this movement for the expansion of its economy and for the contacting of others, new lightbearers to move into an understanding of the dynamics of this dispensation in order to support the expansion of your work through the media and many outlets. Therefore, if, blessed hearts, each and every one of you will pray to me and give this call, 10.010, as well as calls for the economy and see the light from your own God Presence energizing what I would call a new economy for America, then you will see a shift, a change and the way that is the way of God coming to play here in New York and throughout this nation.
            It may still be that certain systems will continue to crumble even as this new way is established. In certain sectors it will require greater oversight and control. And yet there must not be so much control, taxation and regulation that it stifles the ability of every man, woman and child to have the resources that they require to expand the economy, do you see? And therefore where there are excessive taxes and regulations, this itself is constricting, must be looked at and you must even write your leaders and communicate with them to see what is actually occurring in your local economies, and ask them to reconceive of a way to liberate the abundance of the common man, woman and child in order to secure those liberties and rights that are truly theirs, vouchsafed by your Constitution and the laws of the land.
            When each and every one of you takes action in this realm and sees your life as indicative of the common man, woman or child in this nation and of how you can, through right choice, work toward this change, blessed hearts, then it will be so because of the power of your intention, who you are and the light that you carry. Without a divine economy it is difficult for a nation to survive and for freedom to manifest in all realms. And therefore, this is where I have placed my focus and will continue to do so for the next twenty-four months.  For you see, blessed hearts, that much will still transpire after these elections which could be problematic. And simply because some come into office with a certain drive and intention, does not mean that these ideals will be embraced and enacted into law, because of the problems within your Senate and House of Representatives and the way that they operate. It will take great intention and fire to change the ways of Washington.
            Therefore, I am calling forth a Conference in 2011 in the capital of this nation such that Saint Germain and I may again anchor our fire there for the victory of this land and the leadership that must emerge to move America into the light. Therefore I ask the heartfriends, even some of you who are here this day from that region, to commune and to communicate with the events team leadership to determine the best timing for our coming and for the release of light in Washington. For blessed hearts, it is essential that this light be anchored and that many be enfired with a new vision for America and the world from that specific point of the capital of this nation.
            O holy ones, you have striven, often with all of your might, to pray and decree for America and her people. You love liberty! You love freedom! You feel through your own soulfulness the pinings of the sons and daughters of God within this nation for their righteous rights to live with these liberties intact and not all in disarray. It is time that America awaken and realize what is occurring in many areas through this form of manipulation that is subtle, and yet from our realms is obvious.
            So, blessed hearts, consider every alternative, act with discernment, poise and presence. And know that with God all things are possible, with the Lord all miracles may manifest and even in the twinkling of an eye there may be change for the better when many more of you hold together a field and a vision of freedom and liberty with the Goddess of Liberty, Saint Germain and me for this nation and her people.
            Therefore, I ask you to rise now, blessed ones. Raise up your own torch of fire with the Goddess of Liberty as we say:

I reclaim New York for Liberty! [I reclaim New York for Liberty!]
In the light of God that always prevails! [In the light of God that always prevails!]
And I also claim Washington for liberty [And I also claim Washington for liberty!]
In the light of God that always prevails! [In the light of God that always prevails!]
And an arc of light is established this day [And an arc of light is established this day]
Between New York and Washington [Between New York and Washington]
That will result [That will result]
In a new economy, [In a new economy,]
In a new wave of light, [In a new wave of light,]
Because I am calling it forth! [Because I am calling it forth!]
Empowered by El Morya this day! [Empowered by El Morya this day!]
And the masters of love-wisdom-power 
            [And the masters of love-wisdom-power]
Who love me [Who love me]
And who love this nation [And who love this nation]
And its divine destiny [And its divine destiny]
And so that divine destiny [And so that divine destiny]
will manifest [will manifest]
So help me, God! [So help me, God!]
So help me, God! [So help me, God!]
So help me, God! [So help me, God!]
Amen. [Amen.]

            [Audience applauses for 10 seconds.] By the power of your word, the heavens have opened this day and angels of Victory descend to walk the streets of New York and Washington to inspire hearts and to bring forth this new wave of light into action. Thank you, blessed hearts, for the fire of your determination and for the victory that is already won, by God’s grace. Blessings, peace and vondir to you all. Amen.

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