Mother Mary      November 22, 2009

Beloved Mother Mary
David C. Lewis
November 22, 2009  11:30-11:47 am  MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Miami during a Spanish Prayer Service

Gratitude for Your Prayers and Rosaries
Raphael and I Bring Baskets of Spiritual Flowers and Leis of Light to You as a Gift from Our Hearts

Blessed Students of My Immaculate Heart,
            I wrap you in sacred garments of divine light this day, even as my heart burns with a great intensity of love for each of you, my children.
           I have appeared in many places around the world to the humble of heart who would respond to the voice of the Mother of Jesus, who is also your Mother if you would allow me to be with you in consciousness each day. Blessed ones, if you set aside even a few moments of time in your busy schedules, early in the morning before you go to work or begin your day’s activities and [/or] in the evening when the pressures of the day have waned and you are able through a time of stillness and holy prayer to attune to my heart, I will come to inspire you, to bless you and to afford you a little time of divine pleasure and [more of an] understanding of what we the archangels and archeiai and the hosts of the Lord may provide each of you in terms of spiritual support, of grace [and] a sense of peace and blessedness that can assist you on your spiritual journey back to the heart of God.
           When you pray the Hail Mary, did you know that my angels and I instantaneously send forth rays of spiritual light in answer to your heart’s desire both to save sentient beings and to assist others through your prayers? It is a law of God that when we are called upon, we answer with serenity and often with a stupendous light that can make the difference for a soul here, a son or daughter of God there who requires that boost of light that you help provide through your humble prayers of love. Sometimes, blessed ones, through your own sense of limitation you feel as though we are far, far away, when in fact we can be directly at your side or hovering just above you, emanating rays of light and streams of God Consciousness that support you in your holy endeavors to bring enlightenment and joy, freedom and a new meaning of purpose to life everywhere.
           We observe the little things that you do each day to support the spiritual pathway that others may walk hand in hand with you. And we honor that which you provide, [often] unobserved, in ways great and small, [to] the hearts of many with your conscious awareness of love, wisdom and faith through the various activities in which you engage, the work that you do, the holy motives behind them, and the spiritual essences that are conveyed through your heart through these simple and gentle acts of kindness, mercy and charity.
I have spoken often through this messenger, David, unto you over the last five years and more, sometimes making requests of you to engage in work and service and in prayer for all life upon Earth. We honor that which you have accomplished, and though some of the vision that each of you has held for various projects has not always come to full fruition, yet, dearest ones, the very process by which you engage heaven in your activities upon Earth is what counts and matters. And when you are living in harmony, respect for one another, a true integrity of the spirit through cherishing each other day by day, then the greater works may be accomplished in time, in due course of your lives as events unfold and all is brought to bear in your domain.
           Those who at times harbor a certain sense of injustice about what has or has not occurred need to understand in this hour that the emanation of your thought and feeling body is important and that often the angels may even leave your presence when there is a certain coloration of your consciousness by a lack of grace in the way in which you communicate. And therefore I have advised you all to study and understand the principles of true and honest and heartfelt speech and communication such that my angels will always feel welcome within your auras, in your lives because you do honor the God flame within all through your feelings, thoughts and words.
           Dearest and cherished hearts, I stand now over the sacred space hallowed by your prayers and your awareness of the very living presence of the angels around and above you. And whether you are in Miami or Dallas, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles or anywhere upon this vast Earth, a certain increase of the light of my Immaculate Heart is made available to each one of you in this hour as you are able to sustain the flame of inner peace, of holy presence and of harmony in love and joy. For these we bring; these gifts and graces of the Spirit are our pleasure to bestow.
           [Mother Mary chants in an angelic tongue that sounds Hawaiian.]
           Many baskets of spiritual flowers and leis of light are brought by my angels now unto each one of you as a gift from Raphael[’s] and my heart during this Christmas-season-to-be. Many thanks unto each one who has been true in the giving of the rosary daily. For you see, blessed ones, these garlands and the spiritual quintessences that they represent are born of and have been fashioned by the very energies of love that you have expressed in your prayers, in your affirmations of light, your I AM statements and through the love that you pour into each word, graciously averred before the throne of God in your Higher Self.
           Yes, blessed ones, each time you pray, we see your God Presence streaming forth light, joy and awareness through the prayers that you utter. For God always beholds the face and the image divine of each one of you in your highest essence and Presence, even as this is what I behold immaculately within my eyes.
           I am your Mary, mothering the sacred fire within my own and cherishing each one until each and every one is ascended in the light and free. I thank you.

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