Mother Mary      October 10, 2009

Beloved Mother Mary
David C. Lewis
October 10, 2009   5:06-5:18 pm  MDT
A Walk with the Buddhas
2009 Harvest Conference
Bozeman, Montana

Mothering Buddhic Awareness Within
Access Your Eternal Nature in God as Buddha Beingness
Commit to Giving a Golden Buddha Rosary Each Day

Most Beloved Ones,
            Tenderly I come to mother the Buddhic essence of solar light within you, and I place my hand upon your heart. It is the hand of a loving mother who cares for you, who sees your potential and who would draw you up into the highest expression of your own Buddha Beingness in this hour.
            Truly the life of my Son was one of an expression of higher consciousness that accessed the very mind and heart of Maitreya, but also accessed the feminine potential within his [own] great soul whereby he could convey the new frequency of Pisces as forgiveness, mercy and compassion and thereby draw humanity up into a new level of living in love. And for two thousand years, in his solar essence, Jesus has maintained not only the Christ Consciousness but truly the Buddha awareness, which he knew fully and embraced during his travels to the Far East, to India, Nepal and even Tibet.
            This day I hold the immaculate field of divine perception of you as having fully realized your Buddha potential, blessed hearts. And I see the star-fire light of your essence manifest through your Presence, which now emanates a greater light of your Buddha nature because you have accepted the teaching of the emanating ones, the crystal beings who bear for the Earth the solution to every dilemma, the science of wholeness and the patternings of perfection that flow from their minds, one with the great Mind.
           Therefore, from this day forward, as you commit to the giving of a Golden Buddha Rosary in some manner each day, I will come unto you again and again, placing my hand upon your heart for a new stimulation of those internal heart-mind, love-wisdom fires from deep within your being, [which] will allow you to access greater and greater understandings, frequencies and gnosis of your eternal nature in God as Buddha Beingness.
            As you follow the teachings of the masters of love-wisdom, the exemplars who have risen fully to their Buddha nature state, the Mother Light is yours to command. It is yours to fully utilize in the sacred work of beingness that you are about upon Earth. Thus, blessed ones, you too may then mother the light of Buddhic Presence among many upon Earth. For it is the very nature of the Buddha to revere that Mother Light and thus draw it forth, draw it up and into the full- flowering manifestation of its divine glory within every soul.
            I see many, many budding Buddhas among you. And one day all of these buds, as fully expressed flowers, may be a part of my garden for a season. For you see, within my sacred sanctuary of light, I have an image of the Buddha, whom I revere, to whom I bow. At times he has the face of my Son; at others, that of Maitreya, Gautama, Padma Sambhava, Milarepa or the great Kartikeya. But always the same fiery eyes of love, the same countenance of peace abides within this Buddha. And one day, meditating upon this image, I soon expect to see your shining face peeping through, even for a moment in time. And through a sacred glance and an acknowledgment that you have risen to that Pure Land of beingness in light, we will reconnect. Our hearts again will be one, and the eternal Spirit of the great Buddha Being, nurtured through your heart and mind, will shine forth for all to see. This is my vision. Yes, I am a bodhisattva also, awaiting the fulfillment of all cycles within Earth for the liberation and eternal freedom of all sentient life.
           I am your Mother, Mary. Feel my touch upon your heart and know the true love that we may always share together. I thank you.

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