Mother Mary to Hispanic World      January 25, 2009

Beloved Mother Mary
David C. Lewis
January 25, 2009  11:30–11:54 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Rise in Awareness to Perceive Love as We Know Love
Let Every Word Be of Love

Beloved Children of the Eternal Light,
            Grateful to God for all that he has bestowed upon every lifestream, I come in an inclusive way this day to wrap my wings of light around each heartfriend. Truly, blessed ones, the grace of God is the sustaining spiritual radiance that maintains the stability of the cosmos itself. And that grace truly is divine love.
            Much has been spoken about love, but this day I bring something more of an understanding of angelic love. For, dear hearts, if you are to rise fully into the level of Divine Presence that you seek, you must be able to both receive and to bear for God greater love. Sometimes that which you think love is, is simply an emotion arising from your feeling world and sent to one or another. But I ask you now to rise in awareness on wings of light to perceive love as we know love in a greater context, in a greater radiance, in a greater expression of its essence and its power to transform lives.
            When emotions are stirred up within you, and even some that you would qualify as devotion, but they are not in balance and do not resonate at a certain frequency of light, then, dear hearts, you must rise to understand how you can be a greater love-bearer for the Earth from the point of reality of your Presence, whose way is always sure, whose light is always pure and whose means of conveyance of that love is true.
            All seek love. All seek appreciation and acceptance from others. But with a slight twist of the dial, if you, blessed hearts, can understand the need to only desire to be acceptable in the eyes of the Divine One and to be appreciated in the context of your own beingness, already one with God, then divine feelings may be yours and the intimations of the Spirit may flow through you with greater harmony, resonance and a specific coherence that will move you beyond human emoting and into the river of life itself, [which] is the light of God.
            Look at your culture, that which you see outpictured in music, in art, in drama and in literature. A great majority of that which is being conveyed speaks of love. But I say this day that the words do not arise from the Word, which is one with God, which is true love, pure love, the ideal from the perfected heart, one with God.
            Jesus and Mary and Saint Joseph showed the way of true love. And they, as exemplars of what this level of love looks like, have expressed time and again unto you the way of love in which you may walk. But how many have fully embraced that path of love? How many have accepted the cross of ruby love? How many have known the piercing of the heart that brings forth love in its highest aspect into your life, into your work, into your very prayers and meditations?
           At times, blessed ones, we desire that you would simply slow down, especially in regards to your speech and the flow of words in your communication, and enter the heart of love before you speak one to another. See yourself abiding and residing within your heart, and your heart abiding and residing within the heart of God, and let every word be love. Let every expression issue from love, and let the unseen language of your four lower bodies and your higher bodies also embrace love. When love enters your speech, then the pink and the blue naturally convey the tactful taste of violet joy. This will allow you to communicate with greater presence without the caustic vibration that at times comes across in your speech, even unbeknownst to your outer waking consciousness.
            I have surveyed the hearts of my own within this movement, and I have admonished you to master the art of nonviolent communication. And yet, blessed hearts, as the angels observe your daily communiqués and the vibration behind your words, sometimes we must stop our ears, for that which you speak which is unspoken does not always speak of love for one another, for all holy brothers and sisters.
            Therefore take heart, even as I remind you this day of the need to purge your beings of that which has manifested as an infraction of the law of love. And if this requires a time of silence and of fasting from speech, then consider this new approach in discerning, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, a new level of love that may be yours, blessed ones.
            The blessed Gautama spoke at your Freedom conference last year in an unannounced dictation about right speech and of how you can call back those words of unconsciousness that have created karmic patterns in your life and in the lives of others. When you master this science, as a divine recall, then a new bloom, a new flowering of love may issue from your heart through your words, and right speech will be yours.
           Dearest ones, though this my message may seem rudimentary and basic to most students of the light, I say that if all had fully mastered their words and the vibrations behind their speech that I could speak of other topics and of the divine sciences of the Spirit that await your understanding. But this is the need of the hour among the greater body of heartfriends within the Hispanic and Latino communities, both of this activity and throughout this hemisphere.
            Therefore though you may be one through whom love is conveyed most beautifully through your speech, you can pray for the greater collective stream of humanity within your culture to receive this teaching at inner levels such that the entire wave of light may influence the souls of your brethren and your sisters so that they, too, may be ready for this teaching, for your words of love and the holy conveyance through your heart, which may be an extension of my heart.
            I am your Mother Mary. And though I speak through the voice of a man in the English language, yet my heart may speak through yours in your own natal tongue; for my voice is one with all and sings as one, no matter what the idiom, the language or the culture. And though there may be variances and nuances of expression in each voice, yet the vibration of angelic presence and of divine grace is the same yesterday, today and forever.
            Dearest hearts, love one another as the angels love you. Pray for one another as the angels answer your prayers. And convey unto each other a new understanding of appreciation, gratitude and love, for this is the way of the masterful ones, the way that will lead to eternal life. And in that day of your anointing as an immortal, you will move beyond human speech into the expressionless divinity of light and the one point of being beyond all sensory experience.
            I withdraw now from your midst, and yet a singular rose of highest love I deposit within your heart to remind you that you are loved of God, that you are beloved of God, and that God may truly be your Beloved if you will it so through greater love.
            I am Mary, and I thank you.

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