El Morya      July 20, 2008

Beloved El Morya
David C. Lewis
July 20, 2008  9:43-9:52 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Eight Initiatives for the Course
of The Hearts Center and Its Future Growth

Dear Heartfriends,
            Today a flash of New Blue radiance descends to the Earth through the calls of the One and through the hearts of the many. Today a new opportunity is presented for this selfsame quintessence to be born within you for your advancement on the Path. And the leaders of the nations and those who would lead also receive the impetus of our fire. Trust fully in the divine. Allow God’s Mind endowment to flow through you. Enjoin your heart to the universal. I come to support you¾each one.
            The sacred bonding of our hearts moves us into a new world. The flowering of cosmic virtue necessitates a new way, and I AM that way. Some have laid out their plans for a new world order, yet we have ours. Theirs is commissioned of darkness, ours is divinely ordained. It is time for the truth to be known.
            You have observed in the first three years of our movement of The Hearts Center, an unprecedented release of divinely inspired messages from the ascended masters of the Universal Great White Brotherhood through our anointed amanuensis. Truly a firm foundation has been placed before you, but this is only the beginning. Time is of the essence if our plans are to be victorious. Although much has been accomplished, yet we are behind schedule. How does one make up the gap? How does this ragtag army of spiritual volunteers accomplish the seemingly impossible? This is why I come today.
            During the recent Freedom Conference in Big Sky, Montana, many of you witnessed a great spiritual conflagration of light through our coming. In addition to the release of twenty-five dictations and darshans there were numerous inspired lectures and presentations by heartfriends. Each was overshadowed by us and provided the audience with spiritual tools, as well as a new thrust of light for the summer cycle of your year in order to advance our cause. Your letters to the Karmic Board are being acted upon even in this hour, and thus you are receiving the grants of spiritual radiance, abundance and grace, that if acted upon will allow the acceleration that is required.
            Let us take the divine engagement afforded and move quickly, Dear Ones. Following is an outline of some of our plans for the coming six months:

  1. The Wellspring Retreat complex must be secured and building must begin soon.
  2. Land and a plan for its use in Arizona must be manifest within three months.
  3. My guru, Hercules, has called for five additional books after the release of the first Meru Press title that I was happy to see made available in print, Now, Zen and Always. Move quickly to formulate a design for each that we will inspire.
  4. Prudence and future vision involving your investments in the financial markets are required. Consider all possibilities and safeguard your resources in secure institutions, projects, and materials that allow for your long-term sustainability.
  5. Discussions and training on survival must now move into the active mode as all heartfriends prepare for all eventualities of coming Earth challenges.
  6. Your mastery of nonviolent communication is essential to our worldwide growth and toward the full flowering of divine wisdom and compassion, coursing through your thoughts and feelings.
  7. The filling of all key staff positions must ensue quickly in order to complete a certain spiritual light grid that that will greatly increase your effectiveness in bringing forth our messages and in strengthening our core.
  8. Engaging in more productive heartreach requires better planning, coordination and communication.

            Dear Ones, although I could go on, if these eight initiatives are fully locked in and resourced, you will see a tremendous upsurge of productivity and growth. Directing your calls in your common weal in these areas will yield the required results. As the dictations and messages from your Freedom 2008 Conference are being replayed daily, please take note of all that was released between the lines of our words. Discern the inner intent and the core of our love for you each one. I thank you.

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