David Lewis      April 22, 2008

David C. Lewis Discourse
April 22, 2008    6:28-6:41 am  MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The New Blue Frequencies as Opportunity

            Quite some time ago Morya commented on the New Blue. And some of you have wondered exactly what this is. Part of it is for you to discover by meditating on the heart of El Morya, his diamond heart, his new look. And what is that new look?
            Part of it is the rendition of beloved El Morya by Tom Miller, which some of you may or may not completely resonate with, but which is what it is and was supervised by El Morya himself through our messenger Rebecca through Tom. Of course I love the old image of El Morya, but El Morya says that he has moved on to cosmic consciousness and has access now to the New Blue frequencies from the God-star Sirius.
            As the Earth and the entire solar system that we live in and the sun itself move closer toward 2012, we know that at the end of this cycle there is the alignment with the galactic core of our sun. And in this very alchemy of this alignment we have access to, through that galactic core, the New Blue frequencies of Alpha and Omega of the God-star Sirius and of the new wave and frequency of light that El Morya represents to the Earth. [He is] the Chohan of the First Ray, our father Abraham—the progenitor of many lifewaves, even as the sands of the oceans and the stars of the heavens¹ as foretold by the Lord God. El Morya, as a type of blueprint as the God-man for the Earth, holds the keys for us to rise into these new frequencies and be for the Earth anchor points of great love, wisdom and power through these higher frequencies.
            These are being felt by you day by day at a soul level as you rise in consciousness to perceive your own Higher Self and how that Higher Self is also attuning to these frequencies because your Higher Self is also a sun, a sun-being, the Real You. And from that point of God-mastery you also are, or can be, aligned with the galactic core of this entire system of worlds.
            We are one solar system among many within a galaxy. That alignment occurs within you through every atom and particle of your being as you live in presence, being in alignment with your true nature, your God Self, the Real You by acceptance of the true virtues of the spirit that flow through your crystal cord as light energy for you to utilize to bless all life. The New Blue energies of Alpha and Omega stepped down through the Elohim, the Solar Lords, the chohans of the rays and other ascended masters is available to you to discern your true nature as a God-being. That which we have learned of our Presence by study and the application of the law of being in our lives in practical works moves us into this new field of awareness that is the New Blue energy of spirit.
            As we pass our initiations, as we do not attempt to project onto others what we ourselves must master within ourselves, but fully embrace that which comes as opportunity for God Self-mastery, we move in this new stream. And the currents of the Aquarian love fires, which are themselves refining within us the elements and particles of our own being by the action of the secret rays, augmenting the seven that we know so well [flow unto us.] The mysteries of the spirit can be revealed to us day by day through our own contact with our Source as we rely only upon God and nothing outside of ourself in the truest sense. [We] rely on the capable ascended masters who all maintain that state of God-awareness 24/7 in our realm [and] beyond time and space [in] their lives.
            These new frequencies of the spirit have moved El Morya beyond the ken of human[s] into the realms of [a] sublime cosmic manifestation of light. [Though we may have a tendency to] continue to perceive of El Morya as he was in the Theosophical Society or when he ascended in 1898 or as he dictated through previous dispensations, let us give the space to El Morya (as he is this magnificent master), to do his work at the level of cosmic reality [in] which he abides now, even as we rise because he pulls us up by the love fires of his heart, by the radiance of his mind, and by the action of the holy will of God that he still represents to an entire planet.
            It may just be so that one among this company somewhere upon Earth can fulfill that role as a future chohan of the first ray. But it will take supreme sacrifice, selflessness and service toward that holy will. And this may allow El Morya to move up into even higher service, not only to this system but to many galaxies.
            If El Morya could create a planet, think of what he could do upon this planet if we give him by the authority of the Word within us free reign, first within our own beings and then within the being of the Earth itself.
            We have seen miracles through Jesus, through other ascended masters. And in the Catholic tradition one of the  requirements for people to be canonized as saints is that miracles in some manner are documented, either as healing or some other miraculous manifestation. And El Morya, having been Thomas More [and] Thomas á Becket, was able to deliver the miracle light of the ascended master healing rays and frequencies even after those embodiments [and] before he made his ascension because of his great God Self-mastery and because the calls were made to him by those who considered him a saint.
            Many of you have been considered saints in past lifetimes through the Catholic tradition and in Eastern traditions. And so you have great causal bodies of light from which you can now draw forth that radiance in order to aid life through your prayers, through your meditation and through your service to life. Don’t denigrate yourself, thinking that [you have not attained or realized your pontential in] this lifetime, though you may have great challenges in the physical or a seeming lack of self-mastery. Don’t denigrate yourself to the point where you don’t realize your true nature and what God can do through you, because "with God all things are possible, with God the impossible is doable, as Morya told us recently.
            So this little discourse is to give us an understanding of the opportunity that awaits us day by day as we move closer to 2012, which is a signet. It is not the end of the world, but it may be the end of the current consciousness within this world as we know it. More people [now] understand their Buddha nature, their Real Self, [and] how the ego has acted within their worlds, and how when they embrace presence, consciousness, awareness, they can then find that greater attunement and then begin to understand these New True Blue frequencies of the spirit that El Morya provides for us and shows us how to employ in our daily life.
            The first ray of the dawn is the blue ray. And yet how does that ray appear as the sun rises and as we perceive that ray streaming forth from the sun unto the Earth? That is for us to discover in our solar meditation and gazing, seeing the face of El Morya within the sun, [with] his great turban, the jewel within that turban. [He has a] new smile, almost like a Mona Lisa smile, upon his face where he sees clearly who we are and bids us to rise into that which he sees as potential, as God Reality within us.
            So with El Morya and with Jesus, let us be about our Father’s business³ everyday with these New True Blue energies of the spirit available to us as we rise in consciousness to do the work of the Lord.

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