Saint Germain      November 03, 2007

Beloved Saint Germain
David C. Lewis
November 3, 2007  7:00–7:11 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                       A Warning to Those Who Call Themselves Keepers of the Flame
                                    “I, Saint Germain, Place My Stamp and Seal upon This Dispensation”

Gracious Knights and Ladies of the Flame,
            I come this day to augment the work that you are about in invoking the sacred fire on behalf of the entire planet. 
And I spread my wings, as the seventh angel¹ across America and the world, for the dissolution of certain paradigms within the minds of many lightbearers and for the transmutation of a certain malaise that has beset the sons and daughters of God whereby they have allowed entrée into their world of certain dark patterns, even fear—fearing the future, fearing what it would look like to be fully merged with their own God Presence in terms of the surrender necessary to let go of the past and to embrace the now of the future.
            O holy ones, if we are to have the full manifestation of a seventh age of freedom, then many more among mankind must begin to understand the sacred processes of life, liberty and the pursuit of God-happiness within their lives. What does this mean, then? It means, dear hearts, that you must let go and let God act within the lifestream of every sentient being—let go of judgment, let go of the self-serving matrix whereby you see what you know as the only means and methods whereby a soul can be saved.
            I say, how do you know the path of a specific soul? How do you know what that one needs in any hour upon [his or her] road to the divine bliss of union with God? Only God can judge! And therefore, let go! Let go! Let go of judging any individual, any movement of light, including this Hearts Center.
And I speak directly to those who have been previously sponsored by me as Keepers of the Flame, who have signed that document, and I say, if you continue to move to oppose this messenger and this movement, then the very mantle that I have placed upon you as Keepers of the Flame will be removed from you, and you will no longer have that sacred trust and that sacred tryst with my heart!
           Have you not learned the lesson of the past, blessed ones to whom I speak within your hearts? Know the beingness of God within you, and do not in any way decry the light within another! For as I have said and as Morya has warned you,  judgment is reserved for the Lord! Judgment is God's!² Therefore, if you would raise your hand to offer what you have termed as the Judgment Call against one or another upon Earth, then look first within thyself! Remove the mote from thine own eye!³ And then, and only then, can God through you be the instrument for the release of the sacred fire.
           But if you would release that fire in what you have deemed as a well-meaning methodology for the judgment of what you call false hierarchy messengers, then I say, woe to those of you who know better and who should know better! For I have embraced fully this dispensation, and my fire is here this day! And I will not
move from this place in support of my blessed bride, Mother Mary, until the full mission here for the healing and salvation of many souls is accomplished!
            Therefore, I, Saint Germain, place my stamp and seal—the seal of the seventh ray and the seventh seal of Revelation—upon this dispensation! And those who would move against it will not stand in the day and the hour of the Lord! Therefore, hear my word, O sons and daughters of God across America and here in Paradise Valley! I speak directly to you, and you know who you are! Therefore, let judgment and revenge be God's only! I have spoken. My Word is manifest! And the power and wisdom and love of the Almighty One within my heart is true. I declare it! It is so! It is done! It is accomplished in God's holy name, I AM THAT I AM.

[Messenger's comments: Saint Germain says that I, David Christopher Lewis, was chosen to be his representative as the Keepers of the Flame representative for the previous movement. This was a sacred office in hierarchy, the hierarchy of The Great White Brotherhood. It was a trust and a tryst. Many of you have known of my support of the Master Saint Germain through the work that I did for thirty years. And those who stand to defame my name as Saint Germain's messenger will receive their just desserts. A word to the wise is sufficient. A warning to those who call themselves Keepers of the Flame is what Saint Germain has released this day.
           I do not judge you. I love you. God in me loves all. And yet word has come that many fear what we are doing. There is nothing to fear when God is here. We stand for the light, just as you stand for the light. We are of the light. We declare that light as God, the I AM THAT I AM. A house divided against itself cannot stand. If we pray to the one God, the I AM THAT I AM, in the holy name of the masters of wisdom East and West, then how can this word be false?
            I declare, I affirm, I aver that it is true, it is real. And many among this movement have declared it, assert it, affirm it, including visionaries who see the masters in this place and during the dictations. Those of you who have been misguided by some can bend the knee unto your own Holy Christ Presence, your own Buddha Self and affirm where God is real within you. And in that affirmation, you may know the truth, and the truth will set you free.4
           There is no capitulation [to] the lesser self when you are one with God. There is nothing to fear except fear itself. Fear is the enemy of God within you. Fear is the old way of the not-self and the force of darkness. Fear rises from the mist of the netherworld and embraces you only when you are out of alignment with your own principled God-beingness. Therefore, release that fear and embrace God-love fully, and your pathway will be clear.
            I want to state for the record that this movement is about unity. God in me, just as God in Jesus, came for the fulfillment of the law and the prophets and the prophecies, not to tear them down.5  I affirm the messengership of Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet as full and real and active within their true chelas here and now, those who have fully become the Word and embraced the teaching, assimilated it in all levels of their being and live it day by day. How can you decry what we do? We are here praying daily, 6:00 to 8:30 in the morning, giving our all, giving our love, giving our hearts to God, when some of you have left off of the very beingness of your own Godhood.
            Yes, we are the true sons and daughters of God, even as you are. And yet you besmirch the very beingness of God within some. There is no place for you at the table of the Lord when you decry the very light within another. These may be tough words to hear, O souls of Keepers of the Flame, but I say let them move within your being and let you understand the truth—and let that truth set you free. God bless you.]

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