Mother Mary      June 10, 2007

Beloved Mother Mary
David C. Lewis
July 10, 2007
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                 The Interplay of the Alpha and the Omega Energies of Service to Life

            Gracious hearts who would understand the continuing deeper mysteries of life upon earth, I have heard your calls, your deepest heart-concerns for life, for your personal needs, especially those in the human realm. For, blessed ones, even before you utter a prayer or cry out to God, we feel and we sense the heart renderings issuing forth from your being. And because of your devotion and constancy we have already begun to craft an answer, bringing to bear all that we are able to by cosmic law within your realm to answer.
            Truly, blessed ones, it is an honor to serve the souls of all of God's children. For this is our service to lifeā€”to wing our way unto each one and to bring something of heaven in the blessings that we are able to bestow day by day. Because you have set forth within your worlds in the disciplines of the Spirit a time to commune with the heavenly hosts, we have also set aside a stream of our own consciousness to be one with you in these early morning hours and whenever you desire to commune with us.
            I am Mary. And in this hour I enfold each one who prays with intent, with hope that God will answer to quell the distress that besets mankind in all quarters and to mollify and mitigate, at many levels, the hurts and pains and anguish not only at the soul level but in the very physical manifestation of life in which you live and move and have your being. For you see, blessed ones, though you may visualize and see great manifestations of light occurring within your world during your prayer services, there is also the need for us and for you to work at a very physical level in unburdening the lives of many. And thus you see many holy orders established whereby sisters of charity and others throughout the world care for the very physical bodies of those whom they serve.
            Thus I come today with a plea from the archeiai to each one of you to discern how it is that in some manner you may lift the burden of a soul here or there through a very physical service to life. For when in some manner you do this, there is the rendering unto your soul also, in the gift of your givingness, the very physical reality of the return of your good karma instantly accruing to the great good that you also give in your spiritual prayer services.
            Thus, blessed hearts, when you attend to the very physical needs of many, whether through the daily realities of dressing the wounds of the afflicted, of cooking and serving meals, of taking care of children, even of cleaning and making all fresh and new in the spirit of purity, our angels enter your world through your conscious awareness of being an instrument of love. And in a way there is even a greater action of the light because you leave the light essences of angelic presences through the work of your hands where you are in time and space.
            Thus I comfort those of you, who at times would attempt to serve us more in giving of your voices in these spiritual services but who, because of your need to serve your families and your communities, have offered yourselves in service in this way, to understand how deeply we respect that which you do, honoring each act of kindness and love in this manner of service. For, blessed ones, it is just as important that there are those of you who attend to these realities as there are for those of you who move and live in higher dimensions through the streaming of your consciousness into the cosmos in a very directed action of light through your meditations and services.
            You can even see how this is the interplay of the Alpha and the Omega, whereby the Alpha stream does go forth through the mind and the third eye and the upper chakras and the Omega is resident physically through the lower chakras in service to life tangibly as I have spoken of. This is the Tai Chi of the work of the Father and the Mother which must be honored. And thus, blessed hearts, even as the mothers have already been honored on Mother's Day and Father's Day is coming soon, we respect in heaven the work of all. And we love you so for all that you do in all areas of life.
            I am Mother Mary, doting upon your soul and reminding you often of how important simple acts of kindness, simple prayers on behalf of life are heard and seen and acted upon by the angels of healing, the angels of mercy, the angels of love in all quarters. Let the grace of the angels be upon all embodied angels this hour, O Lord, and bless them an hundred fold with the graces of the Spirit that are due to each one according to their giving and their great love.
            I am with you, blessed ones, even in the dark night or in the anguish of your souls that you go through before the hour of your resurrection. For I was there in spirit with my son in his darkest hour and held the light for the victory of his soul. And I also hold this light for each one of you even in your time of trial.
            I am Mary, Mother ray of hope and healing for a world.

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