Mother Mary      May 13, 2007

Beloved Mother Mary
David C. Lewis
May 13, 2007  10:13-10:31 am  CDT
Houston, Texas


I Am Come That All Might Have Life and That More Abundantly


Blessed and Beloved Hearts,
            I come on this Mother’s Day to be with those who understand the nature of the mother and her love for all her children. I remember well the time that my son Jesus came to me with a little bouquet of flowers that he had picked in the meadow near our home on that Sabbath day when we had worshipped and attended to the Lord God by singing to the angels, by reciting scripture and by attempting to attune to the very heart of God through a deep reverence and understanding of the nature of love.
            As Joseph and Jesus and I sat together in silent contemplation upon the All in All and upon the mission that we saw jointly that we had come to fulfill, it was as if we were all taken up into the highest heaven where we did hear choirs of angels sing and were shown in that moment the destiny of each of our souls for many hundreds and even thousands of years to come and of how this humble mission, begun in what you have called the Holy Land, would truly expand to fill many avenues of light, not only across this earth, but even unto higher dimensions and planes of being and even other systems of worlds.
            And as we shared with each other of our experience, as together we took flight to perceive with this heightened awareness what the Lord God did show to us in that hour, Jesus returned from his own contemplation upon this experience with a multicolored floral bouquet in his hands and placed them gently in mine in appreciation from his heart of all that he saw, of all that he felt in the way of his great desiring to be the instrument for the liberation of souls and for a new spirit of the Christ to be upon and within the evolutions of earth.
            And as he placed these flowers within my hands, he also embraced me; and there was a cosmic spark betwixt our hearts that I shall never forget, for it was the interchange of the love of the mother for her son and of the son for his mother. And in that moment, I again was taken up to perceive from the highest heaven how it was that we came to this point in our pathway, how I had borne him before in another life, and of how the conclusion of this pathway would bring each of us in this embodiment to the point of our own ascension, and then of the ongoingness of the mission even beyond the physical earth and even unto this day, blessed ones.
            So I draw each of you to my heart. And as you have offered your floral bouquet through your rosary this day, I take the essence of your devotion and love expressed to me and raise it and offer my own floral gift to each one of you as an expression of the mother’s heart; yes, the Mother Omega, the Mother Vesta, all the archeiai and the ladies of heaven who, when you meditate upon them and sing your praises to that Mother Light, do reflect back unto you all that you have given in love, in support, in radiance and in joy.
And thus, blessed ones, even in this hour you hear the expression of love to a mother who resides here.¹ And this is natural. And this is, even in this hour, the way that many reconnect with the very one who not only was the instrument for their birth and entree into their life, but also the one who their soul chose before embodiment to nurture them and to provide the platform for their evolution, education, rearing and the eventual flight from the home to fulfill their divine plan.
So, blessed hearts, the cosmic interchange of hearts—not only on Mother’s Day, but every day where the love of the mother is expressed betwixt hearts—is a holy experience that you may know [at] any hour, [at] any time that you desire. For we, the ladies of heaven, are always here for you, are always available to hear your prayers, to receive the requests of your soul for greater opportunity to serve and to minister to life.
            And when you also have had the experience of rising in consciousness to perceive from a new level of awareness that which you must fulfill in this cycle and in many cycles to come, then through the ongoing communication and communion between our hearts, there can be the strengthening of that bond, the ennoblement of your spirit and your soul unto the day of the greater appearing of that Christ emanation through you and through all.
            The ways of the mother are simple, yet profound. For through her understanding she does know the best pathway for her children to follow. And often when they go through the dark night, it is then that her hand is outstretched to gently guide her children over the crevices and the rocky crags, over the desert sands, into the ship that will carry them across the sea of samsara safely to her haven of light, her oasis of freedom and into the Holy City where they may abide in safety and in love for God.
            Do not forget your mothers. Do not forget their love for you and of how they wooed you unto their breast to receive the very essence of the love from their hearts, not only as an infant, but truly as the cosmic mother that they are for you to know that celestial contact with the pure stream of light that they bear always for you, blessed ones.
            I am come that all might have life, and that more abundantly.²  This was my fiat that my son also spoke unto his disciples and which you may speak into the world as you yourself fulfill your divine calling as an alchemist of the spirit, as a teacher, a friend, brother or sister on the path, but most importantly as an example unto all of that Father-Mother love that has resulted in the birth of you as a Christed one.
            I am Mary, and I anoint you with holy oil this day—heart, head and hand—for the balance of the triune light within you and for the fulfillment of your mission to be Father, Mother, Son and Spirit, all wrapped up in one as one who knows the All, as one who has become the God-reality that you were meant to be always, and of whom the mother sang when she nursed you, when she loved you as her son or daughter, even in the very beginning of beginnings as God’s first experience of knowing their creation, their emanation, their siring. With a kiss of joyful love I seal you, and I anoint you unto your immortal perfection as my child, as my love this day.

[Messenger comments: You may come forward and Mother Mary will anoint you heart, head and hand, as she said, with this oil of frankincense…. We’ll start with the heart, the head, and then she’ll anoint your third eye and then your hand, and it will be both hands. So it will just be a little dab of oil, but the spiritual essence will be there for you. And this blessing is for everyone listening also, at a spiritual level, and for all those who will listen to this dictation and read it. So if you have frankincense, the oil of frankincense at home, you may yourself be the instrument for this blessing of Mother Mary and you may make the call and ask her to anoint you with this frankincense and then she will be there for you….

            …Beloved Jesus, we are grateful for the coming of your mother, Mary. And as we prepare to receive communion after your dictation today, we enter into a communion with you and your beloved twin flame, Magda, who we know is also a mother of your seed. Blessed Magda, we look to you this day as a mother and not simply as another feminine being; but truly in that Mother Light that you bear, blessed Magda, we see the mission of Jesus fulfilled through you, also, even in this hour, as an ascended lady master and twin heart of Jesus. Therefore, in your names and in the holy light that you bear for the earth, for the Piscean dispensation, we pray.]

¹During the dictation, which occurred in the home of a devotee on Mother's Day, 2007, the child of the devotee called and left her a message with an expression of love on her phone recording machine. This can be heard in the background at this point of Mary's message (the sixth paragraph of this transcribed dictation.) 
²John 10: 10.

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