Mother Mary      May 01, 2007

Beloved Mother Mary

David C. Lewis

May 1, 2007  7:00-7:13 am  MDT

Wellspring Retreat

Emigrant, Montana



A Floral Offering to Your Soul by the Blessed Mother on Her May Day
A Journey Within to Perceive the Soul as a Beautiful, Opening Rose


Introspection I bring where, through the lens of the crystal that I focus within your heart, you may perceive deeply as a God-realized being. This introspection, as an aspect of clear meditation upon your God-reality, may, blessed ones, bring you into a heightened awareness of God’s Presence with you, always. As you know, you have more available to you in terms of your own Godhood than just these four lower bodies of which only the physical most of you see.

I take you on a journey within in this hour, deep, deep within the inner recesses of your soul. See your soul as the most beautiful rose in the particular shades and hues that are meaningful to you as a conscious one. And as the petals open and you are able to enter the very center of that rose, feeling the wafting spirit of God’s Presence where you are, you may know all wisdom, all truth, all being.

The cyclings of the soul in its ascent to the heart of God bring you into a refinement of the senses whereby the ineluctable light, delicate in all of its manifestations, is where you are—flowing, emanating and in the great ebb and flow of this conscious experience within God. You now perceive as a starry being, as a fully realized one.

I am Mary and I appear here and there across the earth and across the galaxies bringing that star-fire radiance home to each heart and soul whom I touch this day, with whom I share something of my heart, something of God’s Spirit, most gently. And through the purity of your own soul’s yearning and striving for the blessedness and grace of that divine union I draw you deeper into the very heart of the Beloved. Hear the whisperings of the Lord’s love for you as you gain entrée to the inner chamber where only love is manifest. Feel the intimations and the Christic patterns of love’s light- essence billowing and caressing the very nature of who you are, blessed ones.

The divine experience may be yours each day, each hour. It is almost as if God, as a honey bee, comes to drink of the essence of who you are as he returns to the sacred honeycomb, the womb of the Divine Mother. And yet in the very alchemy of this partaking of his own children’s essence, what is left for you, as a flower of the divine, is greater through his coming. For there is the merging of spirit and matter within the womb of your soul and what is born within you is truly the Christ essence, the Buddhic emanation of that God-reality who you truly are.

Light, light, light, light, light, light I bring, light I sing, light I wing to you each one. Light, light, light, light, light. O how great the gracious God is this day to speak to his own through his Sons and Daughters and within the inner voice of conscience. Light, light, light, light, light. I lift your burdens of darkness and replace them with only light, only love today. (Mother Mary exhales audibly, slowly.)

Particles of floral essences of many angels and nature spirits I now breathe into the center of the rose of your soul. As you partake of these each day, blessed ones, as you give the Hail Mary, as you sing songs of love, know that we are ever near and that you are ever dear unto us and [that] there is no separation betwixt the light within thee and me and all. On this May Day I bring my flowers unto you, you see, not only as a statue or a symbol of the Mother that you have perceived and offered, as a talisman, your gifts of love. But I lay these roses at your feet, within your soul. For I love you so.




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