Mother Mary      December 31, 2006

Beloved Mother Mary
David C. Lewis
December 31, 2006   10:24-10:28:00 pm  MST
A Vision Quest for the New Age: The Phoenix Rising Within
Phoenix, Arizona

I Transfer to You the Essence of God’s Healing Power

See Returning Karma as Opportunity for Self-Mastery
and the Perfectionment of Your Spirit
You Must Be the Forerunners of Those Who Understand This Science

           I alight within this city and within this place, bringing the forcefield from my retreat over Fatima here. And we gather this evening within one specific room within my retreat in the shape of a heart, and I draw you into my immaculate embrace for the healing of your soul and spirit.
           Souls who come to Fatima often receive, in addition to the instruction of my angels and attending masters, a certain action of the healing of their hearts toward the day of the full manifestation of their own immortality. And I choose in this ten o’clock hour to transfer to you, one by one and heart to heart, the essence of God’s healing power so that you may more fully understand how you have been chosen to be a point for the release of the sacred fire of healing to many among mankind.
           Whether you are a teacher or one who builds civilizations or serve on any number of rays, blessed ones, yet there is something that you can transfer of the fifth ray of healing unto those whom you serve. For the healing thoughtform and the healing light has come forth through heart and hand. And as you are the instrument for that transfer, my angels may even use your physical hands for the sacred touch that does deliver the resources and energies for not only the moving of those spiritual fires within the one touched but for the transmutation, the dissolving and the resolution of all.
           Some among mankind use healing techniques [that] some unto whom they are given see as beneficial for the temporary relieving of distress and of physical burden and suffering. Yet the highest aspects of healing are those which are delivered to the soul and unto the spirit at many levels for the resolution of the internal conflicts, for the dissolving of age-old knots within the subconscious and for the crystallization of the God flame within the very apertures of beingness at all levels. For if one is to receive the eternality of wholeness within all levels of consciousness, then there must be much, much more than simply the relieving of the physical pressures of the moment, blessed ones.
           The burdens and the sufferings that many among mankind experience in their physical, emotional and mental bodies are often the result of the return of those karmic impulses that come for the purpose of teaching the lessons of life such that the soul may grow toward its ultimate reunion with the Spirit. And yet mankind kicks against the pricks of these lessons, not fully embracing that energy behind the return of this karma that would deliver the very recovery mechanism within such that a lesson learned well may move that one forward on the path of oneness with all life.
           So when at times you do experience the inconvenience of the energies of your returning karma, enter into these with a great resolve for the resolution of all within your heart, and see them as opportunity for self-mastery and the perfectionment of your spirit, blessed ones. For you see, within the very lesson itself, given unto you often through these experiences, there is actually at the core a vibration of healing, a flame that when fully embraced and experienced by you causes the transmutation of the misguided desire at their core.
           In my retreat, the nuances of these lessons of what is coming upon your soul is [often] given unto you in advance, blessed ones, to prepare you in consciousness and in spirit beforehand such that you may fully embrace at the soul level and even in the outer what God desires to teach you. And therefore, you as the saints upon earth must be the forerunners of those who understand this science so that when greater darkness is delivered unto mankind of the return of world karma, you, being able to bear it within your souls and your outer selves, may be exemplars to all of mankind of how to transmute this pain and world suffering as truly the saints that you are.
           And yet beloved Saint Germain also works his alchemy such that the full intensity of that pain and suffering is not always necessary to be experienced by your outer person. And therefore, we come to give you a certain boost and a surcease from the greater anguish that you would often experience for the karmic recompense that is truly due unto you. And this is the mercy of my healing grace.
           I weave a spiral around each of your souls in this hour of these emerald-crystal light energies so that for the remainder of this embodiment you may have a remembrance of those aspects of my Immaculate Heart available to you in times of distress. Take your hands now and place them upon your heart to fully embrace this my gift unto you this evening, blessed ones. And see the forming within your own heart chakra of a replica of my Immaculate Heart, which will always be yours at your call and in your hour of need. The Hail Ma Ray that you utter will reinforce this crystal light within you.
           Teach my children everywhere of the availability of my heart to all upon Earth. For when many more can embrace that which God would give unto the soul, then you will see the assuaging and the washing of hearts everywhere unto the day of freedom and the healing of all life upon Earth.
           I am your Mother Mary, mediatrix of mercy healing to a planet and her people. My love is with you always, my holy children.

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