El Morya      December 30, 2006

Beloved El Morya
David C. Lewis
December 30, 2006   12:41–12:54 pm  MST
A Vision Quest for the New Age: The Phoenix Rising Within
Wingate Hotel
Phoenix, Arizona

I Reveal the Official Members of the Darjeeling Council

It Is Imperative that This Movement Be Victorious:
Perceive What You May Offer the Great White Brotherhood

Beloved Heartfriends,
            You have heard from us through these our servants.¹ And during this presentation, the entire Darjeeling Council has been in session and observing both the words of our council members and your souls, as you have heard of our work together.
           It is imperative that this movement be victorious. For as you know, I, El Morya, Lanello and many others have pledged much in the way of our energies toward its success. What one can do whose heart is true is magnificent. What many can do whose hearts are united in the blue fire of our God-powery love can change a world.
           I desire to reveal to you now the official members of the Darjeeling Council, whom you can call to from this day forward to overshadow not only this council of the Hearts Center but each Hearts Center[’s] leaders and your communities and yourselves:
           On the twelve o’clock line, serving, the Great Divine Director and Lord Himalaya; the one o’clock line, Saint Germain and Portia; the two o’clock line, Jesus and Kuthumi; the three o’clock line, Lanello and Rose of Light; the four o’clock line, Godfre and Lotus; the five o’clock line, Hercules and myself, El Morya; the six o’clock line, John the Beloved and Nada; the seven o’clock line, Chananda and Najah; the eight o’clock line, Hilarion and Mother Mary; the nine o’clock line, Alexander Gaylord and Leto; the ten o’clock line, Cyclopea and K-17; the eleven o’clock line, Lord Maitreya and Djwal Kul.
           Each of those I mentioned first holds the Alpha flame for this line of the clock, and the second name given holds the Omega flame for that same line of the clock. By dispensation, this information is released to this body of heartfriends throughout the world this day. And this is for the holy purpose of your calls and prayers, as you know.
           We are moving upward, blessed ones. Many of you have given and striven greatly, but I come before you once more, before the tolling of the clock, to usher in a new year, to once more ask that you dig deep[ly] to perceive what it is that you may offer the Great White Brotherhood in this hour in terms not only of your physical supply and pledges of support but of the spiritual resources from your own causal body. And in your letters to the Karmic Board, consider how the greater plans of the Lord God outpictured through his sons and daughters upon Earth may manifest through your personal contribution of time and energy, prayer and fasting and the givingness of your hearts.
           Therefore I ask all those listening, both here and on the broadcast, to give something in this hour unto the great God Guru who oversees all life in all universes. And whether you tithe or you decide to give something more or less is a personal choice. Let us now pass the hat, after which I will bless this offering this day.
           For those of you listening on the broadcast, you may go and click on the button for giving your donation. This offering will go to the general fund of The Hearts Center and is seed money for the accomplishing of all projects and goals and the mission that you have heard this day, as well as that which you have visualized during the alchemy that we performed together earlier. Therefore this money that you are offering is also for the precipitation of that which you personally see as necessary in the greater context of the mission of your own lifestream as well as of the Hearts Center movement. Please rise.
           By the God-power vested in me as Lord of the First Ray, I offer these, the offerings of these hearts, as well as those which shall come forth through the website in the next twenty-four hours, to you, beloved Hercules, Elohim of the First Ray, for the fulfillment of the labors that you have given these hearts of fire. Let this offering be manifest and multiplied by your great causal body for the fulfillment of all that your Guru has given unto you as assignment for the safeguarding of these teachings and of the souls of light upon this Earth for this cycle and manvantara.
           Beloved Great Divine Director, I also offer and pledge anew my support unto you, my Guru, in this hour for the fulfillment of the seventh age of freedom for this Earth. In God’s holy name I AM THAT I AM, let it be so! Let it manifest and be fulfilled this day. Amen.
           [Messenger: El Morya requests that a copy of the newsletter and of the little booklet created also come forth to the altar.]
           Beloved Hercules, I also offer before you these two publications on this altar as evidence of our desire to fulfill your request in obedience. Accept them, O Master, from the hearts of these your servants and know our great love for God in this hour.
           Blessed hearts, I thank you with all of my heart for your service to life and your givingness. And I shed a tear to know the oneness of knights and ladies of the flame once more in this community. Let us now once again, as of old, raise our swords, touching the one point at the apex of our pledge in unity as we say together:
           All for one, and one for all!
           All for one, and one for all!
           All for one, and one for all!
           In the blue-fire light of God’s holy will, we are sealed. We are one. Amen.

1.  Before this HeartStream the Council of The Hearts Center gave a report to heartfriends on the status of our work, plans for the coming year and an overview of recent work of the council.

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