Great Divine Director      April 25, 2006

Beloved Great Divine Director
David Christopher Lewis
April 25, 2006 4:40 - 5:23 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Transcending ones whose intent is to be free,

             I come with a message of hope today. I am the one known to you as the Great Divine Director, for you know that this is my title and not my true, inner name. And though I would not reveal that name unto you this day, I would reveal more of my mission and of our joint mission to serve the evolutions of earth in this hour.
             As you know, the universe is governed by cycles and spirals. The flow of light occurs within and through these "rounds" and rhythms according to specific formulae that can be known, calculated and integrated into a conscious understanding and knowing so that the individual soul may pass more quickly through these cycles for reintegration with the Source.
             The science of the ascension is simply the science of reintegration, for when one realizes that the potential for omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence exists within the sun center of all created beings, then through the acceptance and then the implementation of the specifics of this science, one may merge again with the divine spirit of God consciousness. What does one reintegrate with? The pure stream of energy that is available everywhere and always as the expression of God's love.
             Beloved ones, hope arrives when one knows the way out, for until you know the way you are stymied by an attitude and consciousness of despair and mistrust. But when you know the surefire path to complete liberation that we bring, you are then free to walk and pursue that pathway home. We lay before you the way. It is up to you to walk in it.
             The Hearts Center activity is born of the God-desire of many ascended masters to assist those among mankind who have begun to understand that there is a way out of their human dilemma and who would like to take our hand and receive a more than ordinary assistance in making the final trek both enjoyable and worth every step.
            When one enters into a relationship with us, we extend courtesy, grace and all of the qualities that real and true masters exhibit, not for the purpose of attaching you to ourselves, but for the value inherent in your connection to our octave and the blessings that you will receive as you navigate the higher realms. For you see, we have been privy through tutoring by our own gurus to the inner mysteries and would aid you in avoiding the pitfalls that at times do trip up even the best of God's servant sons and daughters.
            Training is what we are now about, for we need many more among you who will be ready to not only move forward quickly but who will help us in teaching and liberating many more among mankind who are beginning to feel the impulses of a higher light and energy which is even now cycling to and through the Earth for the enlightenment of mankind en masse. We are therefore seeking those whose personal mission resonates with the greater mission of the Universal White Brotherhood and who wish to pursue this path relentlessly until many more sentient beings are on the path and home free.
            Beloved ones, in the study of cosmic cycles, astronomers are coming to understand the interplay of the great in-breath and out-breath of the universe. It is as if the entire creation was simply one cycling of God's respiration, and this may very well be so. As each one partakes of the energies and God-power that is expressed in this great inspiration process, one may begin on a small scale to truly understand the magnificence of the divine One. And yet, the cyclings of energies even within your own being are an exact replica of what occurs on a macrocosmic scale, for you were made "in the image and likeness" of God.
            Once a sentient being becomes one in consciousness with the divine, there is no resistance to the progress that can be made, for the cosmic stream carries that one far beyond mortal thought and feeling into realms of beauty and perfection that are unimaginable to the human mind and heart. Beloved ones, it is worth every effort to fully reconnect with your Godhood, for then you shall know true happiness and eternal joy in the divine experience of a life lived to the fullest.
            The Hearts Center is a new opportunity for spiritual adherents to receive up-to-date inspiration from the ascended masters, whose caring and love is tangible in our worded releases. It is not so much an outer organization but a movement of hearts that are united in love-wisdom to pursue their own individual calling and mission with divine abandon, full of expectancy and with a heart attuned to divine ideals and holy purpose.
            In helping to direct the course of the onward spiritual progress of the evolutions of this planet, I have been privileged to commune with many cosmic beings and to receive their input on what it will take to raise the Earth in sacred fire. And I have inspired many of you with my meditations on the great mission before us, which requires the utmost humility and the greatest resources of our personal and joint efforts to be victorious. Therefore, take hope in knowing that I am very close to your heart when you draw me unto you through the call and through your God-desiring to serve sentient beings.
            My son, Saint Germain (as Francis Bacon in writing the Shakespearean plays), has said that there is a tide in the affairs of men that when taken at its crest will lead on to victory. I offer this tide of light to you day by day through your acceptance of being at the right place at the right time-in communion with us daily through the sacred prayer and meditation services offered, through the study of our messages and ultimately through your own practice of these arts and sciences of heavenly intent.
            Day by day you enter into the eternal cyclings of God's heartbeat. Day by day you are becoming more divine. Day by day a new course is established whereby your immortal perfection is accepted and you become one with God in the great ritual of the final reintegration known as the ascension in the light. Then a new light cycle will begin and you will, in bliss, begin again to weave greater skeins of cosmic light energy unto you as you pursue ever higher spirals in the great antahkarana of ascended beings.
            I thank you for your pursuit of divine intention. Call to me and I will lend you my momentum of fire and my love until one day you may stand fully on your own in perfect alignment with your own beloved God Presence of pure starry light. I Am the Great Divine Director, your advocate for cosmic consciousness this day.

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