El Morya      March 04, 2006

Beloved El Morya
David Christopher Lewis
March 4, 2006 7:46-7:59 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I come, flashing the will of God to you. I am Morya and I will be present during my course, Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director's course in divine leadership. We have chosen well our son and empowered him to be your leader, your educator and the facilitator for the expansion of this movement. Therefore, I Morya, require all leaders of all Hearts Centers and prospective Hearts Centers to take this course in leadership. All those who have been elected within your community or selected by us to lead Hearts Centers must understand the principles and precepts of Aquarian leadership in this new model that we will bring forth.
            You think this is a human advertising effort through this messenger to seek more who will take this course? I say, nay! I am here and I increase the fire that you feel now and the intensity whereby all must come up higher. All must become leaders of men and women and children if we are to have a golden age for Saint Germain. You have been chosen! You are the one! Do not let anyone else take from you your role as a true inspirational leader of men and women in this age. Do you hear me?
            Beloved ones, we of the ascended masters and of the Darjeeling Council have almost been in tears at what has come of the leadership of this nation and many nations because certain sons and daughters of God have not stepped forward to fulfill their mission as true leaders. And you see those in your leadership and in the governments of the nations who have come forward because they have sought human power, human money rather than being servant-leaders of the people which is the true nature of what should be God-government in the Earth.
            Beloved hearts, it is time. It has always been time, but now it is time for you to be the one. Therefore, take my course, listen to me, to Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director, for we will be there in person. I will speak during the first and fourth class, Saint Germain will speak during the second and fifth, and the Great Divine Director during the third and sixth. And we will weave our momentum of fire such that you will be empowered [by] a new understanding of eighth-ray leadership, [by] what it means to be the catalyst for a nation, for a people and for the earth.
            Therefore, make your plan this day. Do not wait until the morrow. For I say, that if you are to fulfill this mission of the Two Witnesses, we must have many more Hearts Centers flourishing, not only established with two or three hearts, but flourishing and magnetizing hundreds to your centers.
            Why, we should have centers that are literally dripping with the fires from heaven through your calls, magnetizing souls to your homes of light, beloved ones. Why have you not manifested this light? It is because you have not fully become true leaders for us. Therefore, do it and do it now and be for us the victors in this movement of light for all who are coming, for all whom the Blessed Virgin [Mary] has called and is continuing to call to come home to her heart.

            I seal you this day in my fiery spirit. Know me anew as the new Morya that I have become. Yes, I am renewed in the will of God. Will you be renewed as divine leaders in this will for me? I thank you and bid you adieu.


Michael Mcneil and Paul Haugen will be teaching a class in leadership beginning this coming Monday [March 6, 2006.] Michael has prepared a beautiful, complete offering. Early this morning, at 2:30 in the morning, the Master Morya came to me and gave me a few edits to his outline, which I have not even been able to share with him yet. (Michael, if you are listening I will give you the information as soon as I return home.)
One thing that the Master said as an adjunct to what Michael prepared was that the students of this class could write a paper on leadership in the guise that: If you were a Chohan of a new world what would you do? If you were a Manu of a new civilization, how would you lead? The Chohans desire to move upward and onward. We were told that Morya is moving onward and higher and he told us that this day he is a new Morya. Are we ready to become Chohans or Manus or Elohim?
So Morya said, do not wait 'til tomorrow [and] I expect that our web site will be busy receiving applications for this class. And Morya said it is a requirement for leaders of Hearts Centers. These were not my words, my thoughts; believe me, this was the Master. So bless you each one. Let us have Holy Communion now meditating on the diamond heart of Morya and the Blessed Virgin [Mary.]

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