Mother Mary      February 19, 2006

Beloved Mother Mary
David C. Lewis
Feburary 19, 2006
Mother Liberty Welcomes All To New York City
New York, New York

Give Them the Keys to Their Destiny
This Is Your Rescue Mission

           I am your starry Mother, Mary, come again this morning to initiate you in the love fires of Venus, from where I have come this morning, bringing the love of your brothers and sisters of light on, for what is for many of you, your home planet.
           Earth is simply a way station where you have volunteered to come to lend the momentum of your love and healing light to save sentient beings. So I bring with me tens of thousands of your sister angels, who now grace this city, beckoning many souls whose spirits rise in this hour to witness the power of love upon Earth. So, many tens of thousands of souls have come to join and witness your devotions this morning. For they have awakened and now seek the outer contact whereby they can receive the keys to their own destiny in this hour. I call upon you, beloved ones, to give them the keys to their destiny, to quicken them. For the destiny of their lives is within them, waiting to be unlocked by you.
           So there is a great line of souls who are coming forward in this hour to receive from my angels the spiritual key that will unlock the door to reality for each one. And as they come forward with hands cupped, my angels place now a golden key in the palms of each one. And each one bows before the altar of the Most High, replicated here.
           Beloved ones, these souls are received in this hour as those who are the necessary quotient of lifestreams upon Earth who, when illumined, will be the key to the bringing forth of the golden age, tipping the scales toward the light. Therefore I, Mary, say unto you, find them in the outer, bring them to this altar, teach them, mentor them and be the fullness of the Tao for each one as you, through holiness, present the acceptable offering to their souls of a pathway home.
           I suggest that you consider here in New York establishing a ritual nightly whereby at least seven of you come together—either in person or through the technology that you have available to you—to give the call to beloved Astrea for the cutting loose and setting free of these souls. And if you desire to give this prayer 144 times at least once a week and at least 36 times nightly, I say that the bounty and the harvest of souls that you will see, even here, will be tremendous! For the momentum that you develop in the giving of this prayer will truly be a continuous effulgence of light-energy that my angels and the angels of the Elohim of the fourth ray will use for this holy purpose of delivering to Sanat Kumara those who have forgotten the way but who will soon know the way, the Tao, because you have chosen, in the now, to be the one to give them the outer key and remembrance of the inner key that they receive this day.
           Beloved ones, we would establish Hearts Centers in the chakras of not only America but within every nation. And we would see strong Hearts Centers where souls come together to pray in this way. In the morning, your Golden Buddha Rosary lays a foundation, a golden pathway upon which they may walk; and in the evening, your calls to the Elohim will magnetize them to your Hearts Centers, where through the nourishment that they receive they will joy and bask in the light from our realms, delivered through your hearts.
           We are grateful for this company of saints who have come, understanding the principles of cosmic truth, understanding the means whereby souls may be won for Christ, for Krishna, for Buddha. We honor each one of you, blessed ones, who have vowed to deliver ten or a thousand or even a million unto the Mother, the Father-Mother of lights, Alpha and Omega.
           This is your calling. This is your rescue mission. Remember your vows. Abide within the hallowed circle that we establish now. And know that my heart may beat within yours daily through your acceptance, your love and the fire of your determination to be an angel of mercy and compassion to each one who comes to you to receive the fount of fire within.
           I seal you with a holy kiss. May love grow, may healing flow and may each one of you, as a compassionate one, be the saviour, the saviouress to Earth.

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