Saint Germain      December 03, 2005

Beloved Saint Germain
David Christopher Lewis
December 3, 2005 (13 minutes)
Downers Grove, Illinois

            Freedom I bring to earth! I AM Saint Germain, and I anchor a rod of God-freedom here! I ask each of you to take your right hand and to receive from mine now a replica of this rod of God-freedom. And I ask you to take it to your homes, your villages, and to anchor it physically in the earth where you live when you return after this weekend. I thank you, my sons and daughters of freedom. Please be seated.
            Freedom is the desire of every soul. For do you not know that the soul is the repository of the flame, of the violet flame of freedom? Therefore, at the soul level, all mankind desire the freedom to be God in manifestation. This is the impetus which spurs man and woman unto the ascension. For what is life upon this planet but the drudgery that has become the norm whereby you settle for less than God-freedom, the stultification of your spirit into channels and avenues that lead you downward instead of upward into the light? Therefore, I deliver my fire to your souls this night to determine anew to make it and to do what is necessary to win your God-freedom in this life.
            When you receive the presence of the ascended masters in your midst, you feel the fire and the radiation and the determination to go all the way. But then, when you return to your routine, you forget; you forget why we have come. Why, we come to empower you! And yet, at times you are as silly ninny-nannies when you could be full-blown Gods in manifestation! Beloved ones, what will it take for you to realize that the time is here, the time is ripe for you to determine that you will be a son, a daughter of God?
            I shake you this night! I awaken you this night! And I deliver to you the cosmic energy that is necessary if you will receive it within the domain of your heart which has been opened by my chelas in preparation for my coming. Do I speak a little too loudly for you? Well, I say that my voice is a voice of love, for I love you so much that you cannot even imagine how I desire to take you into my arms and to make you divine now. And yet, through your freewill, I cannot quite work my Merlin magic fully this night. So I have brought my attending angels who will attend to you, washing you clean again and again until that day when you, yourself determine, this is the time, now is the hour. I will be victorious because Saint Germain has come, Mighty Victory has come! Nothing can stop me! I will have my immortal freedom in this life, so help me God!
            This is the determination that each of you must have. And I say that if it is required that you play my dictation when you awaken in the morning to remind you of your mission and what we see as the greatness of each of you, then I say, do it. And I command and I ask that those within this council set forth my words on a disc and make them available to all of you to hear again and again, playing them in your vehicles, playing them while you jog in the morning or at eveningtide, playing them before you sleep at night to give you that impetus to make it to the retreats where you can receive greater instruction from us personally on your mission and what you must do on the morrow for mankind.
            The fire and the determination of a George Washington must be your own. That is why I chose this heart of fire to be my Messenger. The heart and the determination of a Mark Prophet who prayed on his knees hour by hour to receive the Holy Spirit and its gifts is that determination that you need to make it. And I say that many of you can do much more for me if you simply ramp up, turn up the heat within you and determine to go all the way for God.
            Yes, I may make you a little uncomfortable this night. And you may feel the fire and the heat burning within you. But I have determined with all of my soul, with all of my heart to raise you up out of the doldrums of your human nonsense and bring you once and for all into that God-identity that each of you must equate with, must realize is your true nature! Will you realize that this is who you are? God! God! God! [Yes!]
            Therefore, my heartfriends, I welcome you to my city, for I have proclaimed it. And you must proclaim it daily. And those of you who are keeping the flame here, I say, bravo to you! And those who have taken upon your physical bodies the onslaughts of the fallen ones I now bless with the full intensity of my heart's love for you personally.
            And I ask beloved Celeste to come forward in this hour. I, Saint Germain, heal you of all pain, my daughter. May this be lifted from you once and for all. For I see truly my own Portia abiding within you day by day through your sacrifice, through the burdens that you bear by being here with your holy family. We are always with you, and nothing will take you from this earth before your time, my holy daughter.
            The love of the ascended masters for each of you is so profound that you cannot even imagine the sacrifices that we have made for each of you to find these teachings and to bring you to this point of your path of personal Christhood. Oh, my friends, please do us the honor of realizing that we are counting on you, we are coaxing you, we are loving you home all the way. So I will place my fiery spirit within you and your heart this night.
            And I ask you to come forward and receive the touch of the amethyst jewel. And I will charge forth a cosmic essence and impulse from my heart unto yours for your personal victory in this life, if you would have it. Therefore, when you receive the touch, you may say silently, "Yes, I receive this cosmic impulse, beloved Saint Germain. And I do determine now to win my ascension and to serve to set life free."
            I seal you in cosmic fire. And I draw you higher to where I am. Will you come and establish the forcefield of your love in cosmic spheres of fire with me? [Yes!] I thank you and bid you good evening.

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