Mother Mary      December 03, 2005

Beloved Mother Mary                                                                                                            
David Christopher Lewis                                                                                                                        
December 3, 2005
Downers Grove, Illinois

            I am come, radiating rings of fire throughout the Midwestern United States. I, Mary, descend into this place to energize the very earth itself with my presence. And my legions have created walls of fire in concentric rings around Chicago and its environs, to stabilize the very earth itself here in the heart chakra of the United States. So you may see at inner levels vast tiers of legions of angels, beginning from the central point and radiating out for many, many miles, beloved hearts. This is an action of both sanctification and protection for the souls who do live here and abide and work. For there have entered into certain areas of this city forces not benign who would steal the very light from your beings and auras. And the interplay of these forces has made inroads into the astral plane that has beset even the lightbearers, causing division amongst the various organizations that we have promulgated and that Saint Germain would use to bring forth his plan for a golden age.
            Therefore, these forces which are alien to this planet are now bound by my legions and removed from this forcefield and area. And the earth is washed clean through the devotions that you have uttered this morning to save all sentient beings. When a number of devotees come with one purpose in heart and mind and soul, and that is to do the will of God and to invoke the sacred fire through the dynamic action of your spoken prayers and mantras and decrees, you may see a greater action of the release of certain elements of spiritual fire in the world of form such that many more can be free from the impositions of their own karma and the darkness that has beset them by dwelling within the veils of illusion within this plane.
            Therefore, keep on keeping on, and come together as often as possible, both here in this great city and in your own cities. For the dynamic of the multiplication factor of your prayers and work together can create vortices of fire and great diadems, jewels within the earth itself, that we of the ascended hosts can use and energize for the acceleration of mankind's consciousness and desire to return to the heart of the One.
            I am Mary, Mother-Ray of purity for a planet. When the snow does come and the air is rarified and purified by the action of the descent of the crystal flakes from heaven, you may call forth legions of purity and legions of the emerald-teal ray to wash clean the mental bodies of mankind through the action of that steely-white snow light that descends through the air unto the earth. So you see that when you amplify, through your conscious awareness, the four elements of being-earth, air, fire and water, seeing the fire descending through the crystallized water through the air unto the earth, there is the cycling of energies through the four planes of matter for a greater action of purification, beloved hearts. So do not see this natural occurrence as one of burdening the earth but one of washing the very mental body of the planet each time that snow does fall.
            I did witness last night the joy of your coming together, and the children in the guise of those scrubwomen of Saint Germain. And we did use their energies and the purity of their hearts to scrub clean this area in preparation for my coming and for the coming of other ascended masters this weekend. So this is your purpose in this prayer vigil for the rekindling of the fire of the heart of America: to wash clean and scrub clean all the elements of the consciousness of mankind from top to bottom and bottom to top, from inside out and outside in, so that the souls of peoples everywhere may have a new opportunity to know the light of the Godhead within.
            Accelerate the violet flame and use rhythm and dance and movement to augment this sacred work, beloved hearts. For sometimes we see that when you sit too long you can become stultified and not accelerate to the point that you could if, through the addition of that movement of body and form and spirit and consciousness, you can utilize the action of the violet flame to create greater inroads into the transmutation of all sense of burden upon the earth and within your own lives and beings.
            Therefore, joyously proclaim the victory of love here. Joyously give forth your mantra with eyes glimmering and faces shining and songs abounding and sweet hearts kissing the hearts of the angels who love to witness this alchemy that you perform. And so, as you utter the sacred mantra, they take the thoughtforms from your minds and the love from your lips and use them in all manner of miracles to grace the earth and her peoples everywhere.
            The beloved Astrea and Purity have delivered a new prayer to the Messenger, and it is now available for your use. We admonish you to give it liberally this weekend for the cleansing of the deepest layers of the astral plane under this city. For when you give this prayer and visualize the laser light and the penetrating action of the circle and blue sword of flame, there can be a renewal and a freedom for the souls of thousands who will feel this buzzsaw action of the acceleration of the light around them, even if only at the soul level, beloved hearts. So take all the keys that we have given and use them for the liberation of souls, first and foremost, your own.
            I am Mary. I bless you, each one, who has made the trek here. When you come to these events, the blessing you receive is tenfold what you can receive by remaining in your homes and listening to the broadcast. For in the physical proximity to our light released through the dictations through our Messengers, there is conveyed to you an acceleration of the quotient of fire for the purging of your beings and for the purification of every element within you, body, mind and soul.
            So, come forward and receive the touch upon the heart through the Messenger this morning. For I will reveal to you certain keys for your lifestream. And I will release unto you a concentrated action of the emerald ray for the fulfillment of your personal mission in this life.
            I am Mary, your mother of immaculate grace. I dote on you, my beloved children. I love you as my own Jesus, and I desire to witness each one of you fulfilling your mission and calling all the way home into the arms of the divine Father-Mother Presence of immortal love.
            I am with you ever and always, your mother and sister of the compassionate, merciful heart.

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