Mother Mary      October 23, 2005

Beloved Mother Mary
October 23, 2005
 10:5611:10 am PDT

San Juan Capistrano, California
2005 California Missions Tour

Mission Number Three
Mission San Juan Capistrano

A Crystal Diamond Diadem of Fire Through Devotion to My Diamond Heart
The Purpose of this Tour is to Revivify and Amplify the Light of the Original Missions

Most Holy Ones Who Love the Lord,
            I am come again to sanctify each of you in my presence and in my diamond heart. The diamond of my heart is now surrounding you each one and I fashion within your heart a crystal diamond, diadem of fire that may grow each day through your devotion to my diamond heart.
            Beloved ones, in holy places where hearts are upturned to the Lord, and the light from heaven is released to mankind as in these missions, and in the churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques of the world; many receive directly from the hearts of the ascended hosts blessings [and] graces from the endless fountain, the stream of light, that God does provide through the orifice of our hearts.
            Hear now the bells chiming, declaring the victory of love and calling those who come to worship the one God. I, Mary, declare unto you mankind that the hour is now and the time is short, and all must return to the Father of Lights. And so, truly, this is the eleven o’clock hour when all that are called unto the wedding feast of the Lord, and each one must receive the full empowerment and flowering of their hearts unto the eternal day of oneness with God.
            In this place, there stood a temple on Lemuria and therefore our son, Father Junipero Serra, did establish this focus of light, tying into the worship that occurred centuries before in this place. We need these sacred spaces upon earth where hearts do continuously invoke the love and the light of God through the invocation of the Word. This is what maintains the stability of the Earth itself, dear hearts. And so, where you see the crumbling of churches and focuses of light, there you see the inroads of darkness that have come through the darkening of the hearts of mankind unto their calling and mission in life.
            So, our mission during this tour is to revivify, is to amplify the light in these original twenty-one missions, whereby the hearts of men are called anew to God and to the fount of eternal life. And so, whether of the Catholic faith or other faiths or no faith, we call to the souls of mankind to understand their latent divinity, which must now come to the fore and grow as the growing crystal, within the heart.
            I ask you to place focuses that you have brought within and near these missions as foci of light that we may use to amplify the foci that we place at etheric levels and in the very Earth itself, beloved hearts. And when you return to your own homes and sanctuaries you may see these electrodes of fire energized [and] amplified and use them in your prayer services for the intensification and the magnetization of hearts back to their original God-design.
            As you are gathered in your sacred circle both here and in your centers and homes where you are listening, will you see now the great Presence of the Holy Spirit as that beautiful white dove and as the swallows that return here each year and each Spring Equinox, the feast day of Saint Joseph, for he has called them to return on this day for a purpose? And as the resurrection fire does burn with the coming of the Easter light of the son of God the swallows are magnetized and return to this place, just as the hearts of men must be magnetized and return also to God.
            So, see in this miracle of life that occurs year-by-year your own opportunity to rise higher and to aspire to your own Godhood. So, see now [this alchemy of light] as my angels and I place pinions of fire around each of you, and together we will rise now in consciousness high above the Earth, hovering as you have seen the little hummingbirds here, hovering above the earth gently, receiving the nectar from the heart of the flower of the Divine Mother, and then flying here and there, flitting about and sending love rays to all sentient beings upon Earth.
            Beloved ones, when you pray will you not expand your consciousness to be one with the archangels and archeiai, whereby we may use you in a greater manner to bless all mankind?  And so, you can rise in consciousness above the earth, beyond your troubles and your physical pains and all that assails you in your daily struggles to partake of that divine experience of oneness with the angelic realms that are ever hovering just above you in vibration, beloved ones.
            So, tune in. And tune out those lesser vibrations that dispel you and take you away from your own inner reality. Why you should be flying high always as the swallows, looking down upon the Earth, gently wafting upon the breezes of the Holy Spirit and knowing your own experience of oneness with earth, air, fire, water and ether and all of that quintessential light-substance of the Divine One.
            As you look upon the beauty of elemental life here, and where you may be in your own garden of the spirit, walk with me, talk with me, tell me what is on your hearts and know that I hear every prayer, every desire to serve the Lord.
            I am your Mother Divine, your Mary, and I give you a greater portion of my heart of love this day.
            Receive now the blessing upon your hands and your third eye of the oil of rose, the rose from my heart this hour.  I seal you in the eternal grace of the Divine One.

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