Mother Mary      October 13, 2005

Beloved Mother Mary
David C. Lewis
October 13, 2005
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

My Friends, 
            I come. And I am grateful for your presence and your continued determination to stand with the hosts of the light. It was necessary to have a replaying of this action of the coming of Archangel Michael before my coming today. And I ask on his behalf that this dictation be played once in every twenty-four hours to re-anchor the light of its magnificent release. For as you know, Archangel Michael does direct all the legions of light throughout the earth. And in the ongoing battle of Armageddon, the acceleration of your personal communion with this Captain of the Lord's Hosts is necessary for the saving of sentient beings. 
            As you may have known, the angels do descend in preparation for the coming of the Lord Christ, clearing the way through the action of their sacred spiritual work on behalf of mankind. And even before my coming at Fatima, the angels did come to clear the way at many levels, beloved hearts. 
            You have heard the sacred word invoked by those in the community in Jaffray, who serve valiantly day after day on behalf of their master and many ascended beings who frequent that sacred order of the Great White Brotherhood, which they call the Universal White Brotherhood. We suggest that you lend your voices with theirs. 
            And I, Mary, ask, as the Angel and Archeia of the Fifth Ray, that you consider also beginning to master the aspect of the invocation through song of the sacred fire as they do, singing your decrees in harmony, with various ones of you singing the decree and the root note, others on a scale of the third, and others on the fifth, creating a harmonic release which will most powerfully accelerate and amplify the work that you and we desire to do together. 
            The power released through the engaging of your heart through singing is tremendous. And those of you who attended their sacred ceremonies now have a greater understanding of this aspect of the release of the sacred fire through all of the chakras. 
            Harmony accelerated through the scales of the chakras is a sacred science that we teach at our retreat. The angel choirs sing in harmony, beloved hearts. And some of you who have heard with your inner ear this sound, will never forget that tonal bliss that comes when, in resonance, hundreds and thousands and unlimited numbers of cosmic beings and angels do declare the handiwork of the Lord through the issuing forth through that sacred throat center of the sound of the heart of God. 
            Therefore I suggest that those among you who have an understanding of music and scales and tones work from this day forward to develop this sacred science to a greater extent than you have understood in the past. Look what can be done when those who are trained can take a simple one-note melody and expand it unto a cascading waterfall of fragrant devotion to the heart of the One. 
            You are The Hearts Center! Will it not be most fun and enjoyable to mingle your voices with ours in this manner, beloved ones? [Yes!] The joy, even the novelty, of this freshness will add credence to and acceptance of this dispensation among others of your brothers and sisters when they have overcome that fear of who you are and who you are becoming. And one day they will hear the sacred harmony, the music of the spheres, resounding within their own chakras and then step up into the greater light that we bear. 
            Oh, my holy ones, I am with you always in the cadence and the preciousness of your hearts' communion with me. I am your Mother Mary, the fragrant rose of devotion to our Lord.

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