Mother Mary      July 04, 2005

Beloved Mother Mary
July 4, 2005 8:00 - 8:08 am CDT
David Christopher Lewis
Techny, Illinois

            As the Queen of the Angels of heaven, I summon now the seven archangels and their complements. Come forth! I, Mary, deliver fire upon the earth for the salvation of all peoples of all nations. The time has come for mankind to put away all pettiness. And I say, drop to your knees, praise the Lord God Almighty, the Lord of the universe.
            O mankind, you have not known the Lord, for you have gone out of the way. O mankind, earth and her people must come into alignment. And only by the cleansing action of the pouring out now of the vials of the seven last plagues, whereby mankind is washed clean, may you know the glory of the Lord.
            For Archangel Michael comes this day with his legions. Burn through now, beloved Archangel Michael, and your hosts of the Lord! Bind all forces of antichrist in the earth! Lead the legions of angels into battle this day. Slay now all fallen ones upon the earth that have been a weight upon this planetary home.
            I take now the devotions of all peoples of all nations who have prayed unto me. And I raise the energy of their devotion now and I cast it now into the earth as a sun of fire for the burning through now! Burn through! Blaze through! Burn through! Blaze through! Consume the cause and core of all sin! Consume the cause and core of all darkness! Bind now the energies of the not-self! Bind the energies of the dweller on the threshold of every lightbearer, of every son and daughter of God!
            Bind now the fallen ones whose time is up! Bind now the angels of death and hell who have come to trap the mankind of earth into the illusion of the not-self! Bind now the fallen ones who have discerned that they must, in any way possible, go after the weak and the innocent and the lightbearer before he can attain to that Christ-light and that Buddha-light!
            Bind now the forces of death! Bind now the forces of annihilation and the suicide entity, especially attacking the youth of America and the world! Burn through now by the power of the Great Central Sun! Bind now the fallen ones in the earth! Bind now all that opposes my children everywhere!
            I call for the clearing of this planetary home. I call for the clearing of this planetary home. I am the Mother of the World. I am the Mother Mary, and I lay claim to this planet now for our Lord. Bind now the fallen ones whose time is up! They have no power; their day is done! They have no power; their day is done! They have no power; their day is done!
            Rise now, my children, and be seated. For you have witnessed the coming of the Lord and his legions of angels. See them now streaming across the atmosphere of the earth. See them streaming now to every child of God's heart who is in need and who in innocence and humility does pray in his heart, even if not through the voice, crying out to God for help and mercy and assistance.
            You are now surrounding the earth with my legions. Extend your hands now and pour the secret rays through them to bless all sentient beings. Bless them now. Bless them now through these the saints robed in white who have come with me to save all sentient beings. O God, I love the earth and her people. Bless them! Heal them! Save them!
            On this, the celebration of your freedom in America, I, Mary, devote my heart to the freedom of every child of God's heart in the earth. May all go free! May all go free, O God! May all go free because they need, they truly need the love of the angels who have come this day to be with mankind.
            I AM Mary, your mother. Pray to me. And we will continue to work closely with you, day by day, for the salvation of the earth. I seal you in a golden veil of cosmic light.
            OM, Buddha, whom I adore.

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