Saint Germain      May 26, 2005

Beloved Saint Germain
David Christopher Lewis
May 26, 2005 7:00 pm - 7:21 MDT (8:00 am Taiwan time)
Taipei, Taiwan

Beloved Children of Freedom's Flame,

            When a planet and its people lose the sense of the freedom of the soul to explore the God Self resident within all life, then all may be lost. When a planet and its people rise to know that freedom is the means whereby God allows the individual components of Himself to experience life and consciousness, then all may be won. The choice to be or not to be is yours this day as you choose the former or the latter option.
            Beloved, I have been a proponent of freedom for eons. And I come now to enlist your aid in developing the cosmic sense of freedom that expands consciousness beyond your limited thinking of only what you will do with your free time this evening or the sense experiences that you will partake of on the weekend. This "free" time should be yours to use to experience a greater portion of soul development and solar awareness of worlds and systems beyond the finite world that you have become accustomed to.
            Once you break free of limited thinking that you cannot explore the outer reaches of time and space within the framework of consciousness, you can experience life in all of its grandeur and beauty, beloved. So, whole new worlds await you when you decide that life is more than simply working to eat and to provide a shelter over your head and clothes on your outer form. The inner form of your soul is what we see when we come to deliver to you that cosmic fire that can send you higher to know a greater life than you have heretofore known in all past embodiments.
            Freedom is the way of ascended-master love. Freedom is the way of true soul development that allows the individual, the group mandala and the nations of the world to know a liberation from the bondage of the dweller on the threshold that always appears in the way of the evolving one to cast a chain of finite and limited thinking upon the components of reality within, for, once in alignment, you will know a greater portion of Selfhood and God-reality always.
            I am your personal proponent of soul liberation. And when I teach the true alchemy of the spirit to souls who would not only desire to know freedom but to blaze it forth so that every soul may also experience it at all times, they know that I am sincere in my attempt to tie that one to his or her own Godhood so that ultimately that one is free to move upward and onward even without the personal interactions with those of us who would save every sentient being right now if we could.
            Beloved, you are here and now where you are in awareness because of all the choices you have made in this and in all past lives. I come to tell you that there is a way out of your personal predicament, and that is through the cosmic sense of freedom that lets go and allows the radiance of perfection to be where you are! Allow reality to be who you are! Allow the violet flame joy of pure being to be in you now! For there has never been a better time for you to rise up and to take dominion over every aspect of your life than now!
            I am Saint Germain. I am seeking alchemists who will know and deliver new ideas and new inventions born of personal involvement and personal striving to the table of the Lord. The past is prologue. You may enter into a relationship with the Master Alchemist if you choose. I am always available to fulfill every spiritual need in your life. Call to me and you will know cosmic joy and cosmic love always.
            I seal you in violet love. Know love as the all-consuming light of freedom and you shall win!

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