El Morya      May 04, 2005

Beloved El Morya
David Christopher Lewis
May 4, 2005 6:02 - 6:19 pm
Livingston, Montana

Chelas who love me,
            I applaud the capture on Monday of a top Al-Qaida operative--Abu Farraj al-Libbi. And I applaud all chelas who took to heart my message of April 27th and made the calls for the staying of the hand of the terrorists who would attack the bastions of freedom world-wide.
            Beloved ones, when I come to you it is for a purpose. We saw the window of opportunity for the capture of this one as well as others that will also be nabbed because of the intelligence that this one will provide. You have called and we have answered. And so, my friend and co-worker, Chananda, did first come to your Board the night before my message and ask them to make the calls immediately for the capture of certain fallen ones in Al-Qaida. The calls made that night plus the subsequent calls of certain servitors and heart friends allowed K-17 to move quickly to secure the victory of this operation. For K-17 himself was in charge of this operation in the physical plane through ones that he did use to outplay his plan.
            My love for each of you is real. My friendship for those who still believe that I can communicate through whom I choose is a strong bond that shall help us win many more battles if you are willing to hear my words and act upon them with fervor.
            So, David did deliver my message as instructed, and I, with a twinkle in my eye, saw that although some took the opportunity to denounce him again, in the process of so doing they sent my message far and wide, which is what I asked to be done. And so, even if some considered the message as psychic, it was at least deposited into their conscious and subconscious minds for us to use during their daily devotions and decrees.
            Dear friends, truth is stranger than fiction, and when all shall be outplayed and you shall see your world from our perspective, you shall know why we speak as we do, even if it be rejected by some of our best students who still honor our words delivered in past dispensations.
            I ask that Chananda's message be displayed as a part of this Heart Stream immediately after my own, as proof that our words through this dispensation are real, are timely and are from our own lips.
            Trusting you to come into alignment and for some to once and for all put aside their condemnation of our messengers, I remain
            El Morya Khan, Chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood

Chananda to the Board of The Hearts Center
David Christopher Lewis
April 26, 2005 10:00 - 10:04 pm

My friends,
            I am indeed here to give you a warning. This night there are forces about who would attack not only the United States, but certain centers within India itself. You need to send forth the call for the protection of the Great White Brotherhood's focuses physically in the earth. In addition, there is an opportunity and a window between now and May 3rd for the capture of certain fallen ones in Al-Qaida whose time is up, including ones that have been sought after since 9/11. All of you must make the calls immediately for the binding of [Abu Musab al-]Zarqawi, Osama Bin Laden and their henchmen, for we would take the opportunity to seize and bind certain ones quickly.
            My focus that Tom has produced, my image, should also be on the altars of your Heart[s] Centers, in either a 5x7 or an 8x10 representation, for the anchoring of the Light of the Indian Council of the Great White Brotherhood in your centers.
            Call to K-17 and Lanello, with me, Morya and the Great Divine Director for our joint causal bodies to bring about the swift judgment of the ones we have named.
            Thank you, that is all.

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