Mother Mary      April 15, 2005

Beloved Mother Mary
David Christopher Lewis
April 15, 2005 6:49 - 7:13 am
Livingston, Montana

Gracious ones who would know the heart of God,
            I am come to instill within you the flame of divine perfection. This flame is woven from the strands of fire that do exude from my heart in answer to every prayer that is offered by those who send devotion to my immaculate heart. It is fabricated, as it were, from the sanctity of the desire for grace, for the wish to know peace and from the intimations of holiness that come from and return to those who are reaching upward to heaven for our blessings, beloved.
            We count you among those who, knowing more of the deeper mysteries of the kingdom, may assist us and our legions in answering the prayers of the faithful. And we will send you on our missions to many souls who are ready to step upward into the light of a greater responsibility to save sentient beings.
            The problem that we have witnessed over the centuries and millennia is that few can sustain the necessary daily devotions and routine that allows the impartation of the keys to their victory. And so, many are initially fiery in their desire to serve, but when the weight of their karma or the opportunity for handling and transmuting world energies comes upon them, they are ill-equipped to sustain their path and spiritual disciplines that would allow our continued presence over them.
            Thus, we require many servitors of light who will be available in many regions and countries and in those holy Hearts Centers who will, through a heightened devotion of fiery love, become electrodes through whom we may anchor greater light to sustain those in your surrounding areas to take up and continue on this sacred walk with us. The giving of heart-felt prayers for sentient beings caught in samsara should be on the top of your spiritual priority list each day, for by receiving and then immediately giving away those energies of divine grace that flow through you, a stronger antahkarana of crystal light is built through which many masters and angels may dispense their blessings.
            So, even if there are only a few of you in each major city who believe in this path of progressive revelation through our new messengers, Marsha and David, we ask you to consider coming together to pray, both in person or by phone or internet linkage, to establish a point of contact for my angels. And when you determine to establish a specific time and place daily or weekly for this service to life, simply announce to us your intent verbally or through a letter consecrated and burned, and we will make it one of our regular routines to overshadow you and to be with you and support you in your spiritual communion, devotions and alchemies together.
            Although one with God is a majority, we would see a vast swelling of the ranks of our devotees, a virtual sea of fire that will begin to transform the astral sea into a sea of violet fire, burning and consuming the last vestiges of an outworn model of civilization, and ushering in the new wine of Aquarius that will truly deliver to all the spiritual elements and keys to the ultimate victory of freedom for all life upon the earth and within your entire solar system.
            Beloved ones, all of you are key to our plans. No one should consider that his or her offering is less important than any other, and so, when all do support the ongoing work of the Brotherhood in White, you may begin to see many more miracles manifesting upon earth daily and hourly.
            I Am a Mother of Miracle Love. I Am a Mother of Miracle Healing. I Am a Mother of Miracle Grace. Call to me and see me sitting across from you with my own rosary beads in hand as you give your daily rosary and prayers; for I shall mirror the intensity and depth of your devotion back to you, sustaining and supporting you in passing through your fiery trials on your path home to God's heart.
            I love you, each one. Believe in my miracles and they shall be yours, beloved.

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